Seniors On the Go

IECN photo Marina Rojas: Ira Lino and Thomas Julian playing billiards in the Slovene Room.
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Just a short walk through the Grace Vargas Senior Community Center at 1411 South Riverside Avenue in Rialto gets a lot of friendly hellos and great big smiles.

The Center is the place to be for anyone over 50 who wants to reach out to find friends and participate in a lot of interesting activities.  If you are the quiet bookworm type, there is the computer room chock full of PCs, and “the tv room” full of hardback novels and a television that has thousands of channels waiting to be viewed.  The Center has a whole room dedicated to puzzles outfitted with tables and chairs for you to solve any of the hundreds at your fingertips.  There are quiet corners boasting fireplaces or mesmerizing aquariums to spend time relaxing alone or with friends.

IECN photo Marina Rojas: Mary Sherburne, Pat Julian, Sharon Royce, Pat Rooney and Darlene Schneider chat in the foyer.

Around one corner close to the main hallway, a group of ladies sat crocheting and chatting together.  They had just finished the Crochet class held in Room 2000, but the call of camaraderie was too sweet to leave yet, so their laughter could be heard throughout the morning between the click-click of their needles on yarn.

Tucked away in the Slovene Room Ira Lino and Thomas Julian played a friendly game of billiards as many seniors were entering the Berglund Room for lunch.

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A long line awaited City of Rialto Instructor Mark Prebble to open the Rialto Room’s doors for his Sit and Be Fit class.  Upon entering the classroom, students grabbed stretching ropes and balls and readied for the session to begin.

“You would think this class would be for people who may not be able to stand or walk for a long while,” said Prebble, “but it’s for anyone who wants to stay fit.  We’re all about range of motion, strength training and working with a lot of balance movements.  And the main thing here is that while we’re moving, we’re having a lot of fun!”

There are a lot of upcoming activities, events and trips planned for the month of December, like the Cooking Demo: Healthy Desserts on Wednesday December 6, 2017 from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. or the Senior Social with music and dancing on Thursday, December 14, 2017.

More information about the Grace Vargas Senior Center is available at or at 909-877-9706.

IECN photo Marina Rojas: City of Rialto Instructor Mark Prebble (R) and the Sit and Be Fit Class in the Rialto Room.
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