Stater Bros. awards Redlands Community Hospital $100,000 grant to implement Cancer Patient Navigator Program

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Stater Bros. Charities has awarded Redlands Community Hospital $100,000 that will help to implement a Patient Navigator Program to serve its cancer patients. 

The Patient Navigator Program is comprised of a nurse navigator with extensive training in the diagnosis and treatment of all forms of cancer – in particular breast cancer. From pre-diagnosis through all phases of care, the navigator will guide the patient and their caregiver through every step of treatment and recovery to improve health outcomes.  This program builds upon an existing spectrum of specialized patient-centered cancer services at Redlands Community Hospital.   

“We are extremely grateful to Stater Bros. Charities for its gift that will allow us to build upon on our cancer care program,” said James R. Holmes, President and CEO of Redlands Community Hospital. “For many years Stater Bros. Charities has committed to partnering with organizations that support health care access for the Inland Empire community.”  

“I am extremely pleased that Stater Bros. Charities is able to partner with Redlands Community Hospital in implementing their Patient Navigator Program.” said Nancy Negrette, Chairman and President Stater Bros. Charities.  “Fighting cancer can be a scary and uncertain time for individuals and their families.  With this program, cancer patients will have a support system to guide them through their cancer care so that they can focus their energies on their well-being,” Negrette continued.  

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The Nancy Varner Center for Women’s Health is key to RCH’s Cancer Program. The Center is a 3,300 square-foot facility that provides women with mammograms, breast biopsies, bone density screening exams and other procedures. The Center provides no-cost health education for women and allows patients to receive all necessary imaging services in one location. Each year, the Center completes an estimated 5,800 mammograms and nearly 400 breast biopsies, one-third of them positive for cancer. 

Stater Bros. Charities first began supporting the hospital in 2012. Since then, grants have enabled the hospital to purchase a high-definition ultrasound system, a state-of-the-art linear accelerator; a 3D mammography system; two cutting-edge breast biopsy systems; and a wire-free breast localization system. 

“The cancer care journey is often complicated and we are grateful to Stater Bros. Charities for its grant that will enable us to deliver an exceptional level of care to the many patients we serve each year,” said Jan Opdyke, President of the Redlands Community Hospital Foundation.   

This grant marks the eighth consecutive year that Stater Bros. Charities has generously contributed funds designed to bolster the care and support provided by Redlands Community Hospital. 

To learn more about the Nancy Varner Center for Women’s Health, visit: call: (909) 793-4399.  

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