“Steps 4 Life Community Services to Host Health & Public Safety Fair”


Steps 4 Life Community Services will be hosting its first annual “Community Health & Public Safety Fair” on Saturday, October 10th at Sylvan Park in Redlands. The goal of the event is to increase access to free health and public safety resources for individuals and their families who are affected by substance abuse and mental health issues.

We are expecting over 300 people to attend this event that will include 20 vendors representing various volunteer health organizations, social service agencies, community-based and faithbased agencies from the communities of Redlands, Highland, San Bernardino, Loma Linda and Yucaipa. Some of the vendors that we expect to attend include IEHP, Building A Generation, 24 Hour Fitness, San Bernardino County Department of Behavioral Health, and Inland Empire United Way, to name a few. We will also have free food, drinks, fun and entertainment for families and children.

“We are excited to host our upcoming health & public safety fair,” said Cynthia McGuigan, Executive Director of SLCS. “We welcome other nonprofit agencies, public health and social service agencies that provide programs and services to individuals and families that struggle with homelessness or are in treatment and recovery for substance abuse and mental health issues”.

Mental Health issues, substance abuse and homelessness have long been linked by many clinicians and psychologist as co-occurring and associative disorders and health issues. These three health issues are commonly present among many of the homeless that often the prevention and intervention strategies requires the coordination of multiple agencies and care providers to ensure effective treatment and recovery.

According to Healthy People 2020, Mental Health illnesses such as depression and anxiety, reduce one’s ability to participate in health-promoting behavior such as eating right, exercising, and minimizing use of alcohol and tobacco which can ultimately lead to a decrease ability to participate in treatment and recovery.


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