‘Thriller’ flash mob invades Redlands Market Night

iecn photo/yazmin alvarez A “Thriller” flash mob took over downtown Redlands during Market Night Oct. 15, performing Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.” The zombie mob drew crowds to watch the performance.

Zombies swarmed an intersection in downtown Redlands last week but the walking dead weren’t out for human flesh. Instead, the roamers were out for a little thrill — a dance thrill that is.

A “Thriller” flash mob invaded the corner of Orange and State streets during Market Night Oct. 15 as crowds gathered to watch the troupe of dancers in the somewhat “impromptu” performance put on by the Fox Dance Studio.

Urquizu, who teaches dance and serves as the CEO at Fox Dance Studio in Redlands, organized Thursday’s event as a tribute to Michael Jackson in the spirit of Halloween through “Thriller” and as a way to showcase the variety of dance styles taught at the studio.

While she planned it as a simple tribute to the King of Pop, it got bigger than she imagined, she said as it was posted on social media.

The first go at a flash mob was held last year and off to the side, she said.

“This year, we got center stage and a bigger crowd,” she said. “We also have way more zombies and even some kids participating, which is great because it shows talent at all ages.”

Urquizu said the group was hard at work practicing for the event since July.

The hope, she says, is to gain a bigger following and eventually hold additional flash mobs throughout the area.

iecn photo/yazmin alvarez The Fox Dance Studio Thriller Zombie Flash Mob 2015
iecn photo/yazmin alvarez
The Fox Dance Studio Thriller Zombie Flash Mob 2015


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