Two years after fatal car accident, Aparicio Family still seeks answers, closure

Photo Rodolfo Ortega: Sofia Aparicio and her two sons Moises, left, and Jose Jr. held a press conference two years to the day their husband and father, Jose Aparicio, was killed in a car accident not far from their home in Rialto. They are beseeching the Rialto and neighboring communities to come forward with any information that might help solve the case so they may finally get some peace and closure to the tragedy that has forever altered their lives.
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July 14, 2017 the Aparicio Family would be altered forever – Sofia and her two sons, Jose Jr. and Moises, received the devastating news that her husband Jose Aparicio, while on his way home from work, was killed on impact by a semi-truck that struck the driver’s side of Jose’s 1999 grey Chevy Silverado truck at the intersection of Baseline and Eucalyptus in Rialto near their home.

Happier times for Jose and Sofia Aparicio.

Shortly after the collision occurred Evangaline, Sofia’s sister, happened to drive by the same intersection and recognized Jose’s vehicle; she drove directly to Jose’s house where his two sons were and brought them to the scene of the accident. Jose Jr., just 17 at the time, wouldn’t let anyone near Jose’s truck and was the only one to witness his father’s lifeless body.

Jose Jr. called his mother, who was still at work, to inform her Jose had been involved in an accident, not inclined to deliver the tragic news until she was safely at home.

As pedestrians crowded the scene, Officers Keetle and Deschepper, along with bystanders, scrambled to find any witnesses to the crash.

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Two years to the date of Jose’s untimely death, Sofia, Jose Jr. and Moises held a press conference on Sunday, July 14 asking for the community’s help in uncovering the truth of what happened that fateful day.

It’s reported that a Caucasian male driving a late model white Nissan Dodson was allegedly at the scene and may have witnessed how the crash happened (shown in sketch below). The individual was last seen talking with other pedestrians after the accident then soon left the scene; it is believed that he lives in the Rialto area.

Despite body cams and a few testimonies nothing substantial has been able to move the investigation forward. Conflicting statements of the incident have only delayed the process.

Private investigator Armando Zatarain took on the case with the assistance of Attorney Rob Damone.

“We want closure, we want to know what happened,” Sofia said.

Jose was a nurturer, a provider, a husband and a father that was taken too early. While nothing can fill the void of his absence, the Aparicio’s have shown great strength and character over the past two years.

Jose Jr. graduated from high school last year and Moises will be starting high school in a couple of weeks. Sofia continues on day-to-day, emotionally supporting her sons, and still coping with the loss. If anyone has any information about the accident, they are urged to call Investigator Armando Zatarain at (949) 383-0300 or Attorney Rob Damone at (562) 983-3130. Any information will help the Aparicio’s find the peace, truth and closure they are yearning for.

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