Valley College’s Horror Film Festival encourages students to do more than just watch

Photo/SBVC: San Bernardino Valley College’s Horror Film Festival will be taking place throughout the month of October at the Library Viewing Room at 6:00 p.m.
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Since the first week of October, San Bernardino Valley College’s 3rd Annual Horror Film Festival has been in motion.

The festival screens classic horror films every Thursday for the entire month of October in the library viewing room and offers free pizza to those in attendance.

However, the screenings are meant to do more than just show a movie. Students, faculty, staff, and others who attend the event are encouraged to think beyond the plot of the film.

Valley College English professor Daihim Fozouni coordinates the annual event.

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Last week’s screening was of John Carpenter’s 1982 sci-fi thriller, “The Thing,” which stars Kurt Russell and Keith David. The film is about a research laboratory in Antarctica that is invaded by a parasite-alien like force that wreaks havoc among the habitants.

Professor Todd Heibel provided a mini lecture about Antarctica before the film. In his slideshow, Heibel gave the audience an extensive look into Antarctica and its background. He spoke about the continent’s living conditions and how it has grown as a tourism attraction.

Heibel, along with his colleagues, asks the audience to pay particular attention to what they see in the film and how it correlates to society today. As a geography expert, he said, “I was constantly paying attention to how the scenes went from daylight to darkness when in reality, that wouldn’t be possible.”

Fozouni also gathers a small group of panelists, made up of Valley College professors from different departments, for an interactive discussion panel following the film. Questions about the theme and plot are discussed.

The festival will be screening Kurt Neumann’s 1958 classic, “The Fly,” on Oct. 19 at 6:00 p.m. at San Bernardino Valley College’s Library Viewing Room, located at 701 S. Mt Vernon Ave.

By Fernanda Tovar

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