Visiting Fred Roggin and the NBC4 LA Studios

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Ever want to visit a news station? Recently, I got the chance to go to the NBC4 LA studios to interview Fred Roggin, and to watch the taping of the news and his show, “Going Roggin.” With that experience came an amazing tour of the whole studio!

My favorite part of the studio was the control room. There were probably about 50 TV’s inside, and it was all behind the scenes. You could see the Teleprompter and everything the staff does to get the show going. It was amazing to see all they did and was a very neat experience.

Later on when it came time to interview Fred we went deeper into the studio. We saw the mini sports studio they had and went into a big, fancy conference room for meetings. After the interview, we went to the actual filming studio and it was something else. The cameras didn’t have cameramen, yet moved on their own. You could also see all the lights and it really gave a very inside view to where they are as they film and how surprisingly small a studio stage really is.

Overall, seeing the studio and interviewing Fred Roggin was an amazing experience. It was so cool to see everything they do behind the scenes at NBC4. I hope to visit again soon.

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Thank you to Fred and everyone at NBC who was so kind and fun to be around. I learned so much!

To see my interview with Fred visit:

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