Volunteers join Dr. G and Hussey for community clean-up

Photo courtesy Harold Duffey, Grand Terrace City Manager: Pictured from left are Norma Gallardo, Christina Perris, Manuel Gallardo, Rosanne Reyes, Colton Councilman Dr. G, Grand Terrace Councilman Bill Hussey, and Rodney Spencer.
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By Dr. G (Dr. Luis S González), community writer

The CITY TALK trash clean-up efforts over the years have continued to evolve, and the most recent project last weekend was an excellent example of resident volunteers stepping up to help make a difference. Dr. G, who is well-known for putting together community projects, contacted Grand Terrace Council Member Bill Hussey with the idea of organizing a collaborative clean-up event. Hussey, quickly responded, “I’ll be there.”

The target area was a stretch of land along So. La Cadena Ave. which borders both Colton and Grand Terrace. “This area was a great choice for a collaborative effort,’ explains Dr. G, while further describing the location to be, “the East side of La Cadena Ave. between Litton Ave and Barton Road.”

Being that hundreds of vehicles pass through this heavily-traveled thoroughfare makes this an important location to clean up. “It’s important to keep our areas clean,” says Hussey, who continued, “This project was a good way to bring our communities together.”

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For the most part, anywhere between two-to-five individuals come when they can, to help with the clean-up efforts that are scheduled by Dr. G. Last weekend we had six resident volunteers, including the two council members – Hussey and Dr. G. With plenty of gloves on hand courtesy of Grand Terrace, and plenty of bags on hand, courtesy of Colton, the project was well-supplied, and the project was completed in two hours.

In addition, this group effort also received plenty of support from local residents. Celeste Carlos commented, “The project was cool because it contributed to the beautification of the city, and showed other residents that coming together makes the community better.”

“No matter how you look at this project, it’s a win-win-win-win situation,” smiled Dr. G, who went on to elaborate, “Colton participates, Grand Terrace participates, the drivers see a clean road and the residents benefit by having a cleaned up area.” Hopefully, this collaboration idea will catch on, but for now, “it’s always nice to have clean streets and pathways,” said resident volunteer Christina Perris.

For more information about CITY TALK, various community groups, Colton history, the trash clean-up, neighborhood meetings, or the online live-stream programs, text or call Dr. G @ 909–213-3730.

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