West Valley Water District’s water main valve replacement project to affect customers

courtesy photo/wvwd West Valley Water District will continue its water main valve replacement project through Jan. 14. Some customers will experience decreased water pressure or outages.
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The West Valley Water District is in the process of new infrastructure improvements and customers will be experience water outages through the week, the department announced.

Water main valve replacements projects will occur through Jan. 14 and some customers will experience service interruptions or decreased water pressure, according to a news release.

Water main valve replacements are necessary to replace aging infrastructure and ensure that WVWD can continue to provide customers with safe and reliable service, the release said. Replacing the valves will also help WVWD better respond during an emergency.

“These kinds of improvements are essential to maintaining our high water quality standards,” WVWD Board President Dr. Clifford O. Young, Sr. said in the release.

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“We know that any construction project can pose an inconvenience for our customers, but we will work as quickly as possible to minimize the disruption to service.”

In other areas near the water main valve replacement, water pressure may be reduced by up to 50 percent for an estimated 1,900 homes between Jan. 11 through Jan 14 in the area bordered by Merrill Avenue to the north, Cactus Avenue to the east, Linden Avenue to the west, and San Bernardino Avenue to the south, according to WVWD.

The water district has mailed letters to customers that will be impacted by the project and will be placing a door hanger at the properties 48-hours in advance.

After service is restored, customers should flush internal plumbing to eliminate air from the lines and eliminate discoloration or a milky appearance from the water. To do this, residents should run the bathtub(s) faucet until the water is clear, then run remaining water faucets until the water is clear.

WVWD will not need access to any homes to replace water main valves.


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