Winter health tips

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It is that time of the year – cold and flu season! How do I know? I just got over a cold! Here are some tips to stay healthy this winter!

– Always wash your hands before eating, after school/work, after going to any public place. You can’t keep your hands too clean!

– Drink lots of water! Make sure you stay refreshed and hydrated.

– Get plenty of sleep! You can always catch up on sleep on the weekends. The holidays are coming and it will get busy, so it is extra important to rest.

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– Eat your fruits and veggies, not just Halloween candy!

– Be considerate of others by limiting the spread of germs. If you cough or sneeze always cover your mouth.

– Clean your room and house frequently to get rid of unwanted germs.

– Always pack a jacket or sweater so you do not catch a chill!

Hopefully these key tips help you stay healthy this winter, during cold and flu season.

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