Hot Pink High Heel Steel Toe Boots Walk in Rialto cancelled

Photo Johshlyn Earls:    Senator Norma J. Torres honored Joshlyn Earls, founder of Fighting 4 the Tatas Inflammatory Breast Cancer Organization, as Woman of the Year in 2015.
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Fighting 4 the Tatas was scheduled to host its second annual Hot Pink High Heel Steel Toe Boots Walk on Saturday, October 5 at 8 a.m., at Rialto City Park.

Following the three-mile walk, a free family friendly festival in the park featuring vendors, food, drinks and a kid’s zone was scheduled.

“The Breast Cancer Awareness Festival in the Park was designed to educate and support those dealing with Inflammatory Breast Cancer, Triple Negative IBC, Invasive Ductal, Locally Advance and all other breast cancers,” said Fighting 4 the Tatas Ceo Joshlyn Earls.

The walk was cancelled due to permit issues.

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After last years’ walk was met with tons of support in the city, over 400 community members attended, the 501c3 organization decided to expand and bring the walk back in 2019, before the cancellation.

“Regardless, with the walk being cancelled, we are continuing to fight for more recognition so that our communities can be aware of all types of breast cancers, especially the more aggressive ones, like Inflammatory Breast Cancer (IBC) and Triple Negative (IBC),” said Earls, who is currently fighting the disease.

Not only does the organization bring awareness to inflammatory breast cancer, it also assists women and men in treatment with financial support, educational support and works as an advocate to those currently fighting the life threatening disease.

“Along with the many initiatives we present throughout the year, we are currently fighting to gain a California State Proclamation to make October 3 National Inflammatory Breast Cancer Day,” continued Earls.

 She also shared that since its inception in 2011, minus a few small donations, Earls has funded much of the organization herself.

“Breast cancer affects lives every day. It not only affects the lives of those diagnosed, but the lives of friends and family members as well,” concluded Earls. For more information, visit or call (951)-381-1951.

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