Studio 237 working 24/7 to rebuild San Bernardino

Photo Studio 237: Concept art of Vodou's main protagonist (Arthur) for Studio 237’s current AAA indie title. Art was originally created by concept artist "Daniel Novillo."

Studio 237 is a video game creation company based in San Bernardino. The company plans to bring jobs and opportunities to those interested in creating video games while embracing and building San Bernardino.

“Growing up in San Bernardino in the late ’90s and early 2000s, there was a lot of bad influences and poverty. One way to escape bad habits was to stay inside and play video games. I have a creative mind and with video games being a form of art, I wanted to make a career of it,” explained Joseph Caddell, Founder and Creative Director of Studio 237.

Making his way to creating his own video game studio wasn’t exactly straightforward for Joseph. He had to leave the Inland Empire just to find experience and work in the video game creating field.

“I graduated from the Art Institute here in San Bernardino. I didn’t have many resources when I graduated in 2012. My first break was with DK Global, before moving out to Los Angeles for four years. I spent some time in China last year, before moving back to the Inland Empire,” shared Caddell

His experiences in Los Angeles and China are why he wanted to create a video game company and base it out of San Bernardino. Understanding the need to build the economy, while also giving those that want to create an opportunity to do so in their hometown.

“The idea for Studio 237 is to bring that LA wealth to San Bernardino County. I want to provide jobs for those that work in this industry or want to work in this industry,” expressed Caddell.

One of their early creations is their game “Vodou,” it’s based in 1930 with the main character Arthur searching for his mother, a Vodou priest, using Vodou to find her.

“This is more than just a story of Arthur saving his mother, it’s a lot bigger than that. The reason we chose Vodou was because of the negative connotation surrounding Vodou. Whether it’s Jamaican or African, Vodou is a positive more connected with Earth religion and we wanted to exploit that,” shared Caddell.

Studio 237 does want to ramp up its hiring soon, they plan on waiting until the first and second business quarter to do so.

“When we do expand our studio we want to hire within San Bernardino County. I love the way San Bernardino culture is and I don’t want to mess with it,” said Caddell.

When expanding, Studio 237 wants to focus on cultivating a culture, one that all walks of life can enjoy.

“Our goal is to give people a safe space to work. In my experience, the gaming industry doesn’t have the best morals or ethics. There are instances of discrimination against people of color and undermining of female employees. We want to be the leading change and have a safe place for people to work,” explained Caddell.

With an emphasis on building jobs and opportunities for San Bernardino County, Studio 237 plans to build and expand for all those who want to create. As a new start-up business Studio 237 is currently looking for angel investors or early start-up investors that fund small businesses, with a goal of building up San Bernardino’s economy. For more information visit their website at