ARMC tops national, state, regional Maternal Care rankings


Arrowhead Regional Medical Center (ARMC) ranks in the top tenth percentile in the state for reducing Cesarean Section (C-section) deliveries for low-risk, first time expectant mothers, according to data from The California Maternal Quality Care Collaborative from June 2019 – 2020.

The rankings underscore ARMC’s dedication to providing exceptional maternity care, which also recently earned the medical center national recognition as one of the “Best Maternity Care Hospitals 2020” by Newsweek and the Leapfrog Maternity Care Expert Panel.

“These rankings are a wonderful validation of the hard work and commitment by our team at ARMC to provide the highest quality care to mothers and their babies,” said Dr. Guillermo Valenzuela, Director of Obstetrics and Gynecology at ARMC’s Department of Women’s Health. “We have worked continuously over the years to develop a multifaceted program that helps ensure positive outcomes for our mothers-to-be and their babies, and to reduce maternal mortality.”
Valenzuela praised the department’s vice chair, Dr. Shirley Wong, who serves at the OB-GYN Program Residency Director, and Dr. Kristina Roloff, director of the Maternal-Fetal Fellowship, for leading the efforts.
“The leadership of Dr. Wong and Dr. Roloff have been critical to achieving these milestones and to providing the training and guidance to our OB &Gyn residents who will use the skills they are developing here at ARMC to improve women’s healthcare across our region and the world,” Valenzuela said.

The Maternal Data Center of the California Maternal Quality Care Collaborative monitors the number of cesarean deliveries performed in first time mothers, and uses the most widely-endorsed metric on cesarean delivery in the U.S., which is also used by the Joint Commission, the nation’s oldest and largest standards-setting and accrediting body in healthcare.

Data from 2019 shows ARMC ranked in the top 10% of 213 hospitals in the state, and fourth among 24 Southern Inland Counties hospitals that participate in the Regional Perinatal Program of California, in term, singleton baby in a vertex position (NTSV) C-section delivery rates.

ARMC’s primary C-section delivery rate for first time mothers was 17.8% in 2019, and in the second quarter dipped to a low of 13.9% — which is nearly half the state’s rate at 24.5%.

While sometimes necessary, C-Section births put expectant mothers at greater risk of infection or blood clots, and many women experience longer recoveries and difficulty with future pregnancies. Babies born by C-section are at increased risk of developing chronic childhood diseases like asthma and diabetes.