Colton Joint Unified School District elevates home study space with desk giveaway

Photos CJUSD: On-site at Grand Terrace Elementary School hundreds of desks being given away to CJUSD families. Pictured from left: Albert Cabrera, custodian; JoAnn Baeza, Director of Purchasing/Warehouse; and Lupe Montoya, custodian.

While students across the nation are still struggling with having a proper place to study at home, Colton Joint Unified School District (CJUSD) hosted a successful desk giveaway on Saturday, October 2.

The district made the process very simple for families picking up a desk or desks, as they were only required to sign a liability form in the first-come, first-served giveaway, held at elementary schools in the district like Crestmore, Grand Terrace, Grant, Grimes, Terrace View, and Wilson.

Terrace View Elementary School second-grader AmberRose Villegas picking up a desk to help with her at-home studies.

“Our district recently purchased a number of new desks for our schools and it left us with a huge surplus of desks so we wanted to give the community an opportunity to use them. The double desks that we are giving away are due to COVID compliance guidelines, so we replaced the old ones with new single person desks,” said Katie Orloff, CJUSD Communications Director.

At the giveaway, parents were seen happily and gratefully loading the desks into the flatbed of their trucks and into the trunks of their SUV’s.

“It’s so important for students to have a space at home where they can study and complete homework. We hope this will help some of the district’s students make their at-home study space more efficient,” concluded Orloff. To keep up with CJUSD, visit