City of Colton employees recognized for earning bachelor’s and master’s degrees

Photo City of Colton: Victor Ortiz, left, and Dawn Miller, right, were congratulated by Mayor Pro-Tem Ernest Cisneros, center, and the entire city of Colton, for earning a higher education.
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In December, two city of Colton employees, Victor Ortiz and Dawn Miller, were recognized by city council for completing a degree in higher education.

“We have two employees who completed college degrees, while working full time. As someone who did the same thing, I understand the amount of work and commitment that goes into this; I think it’s a big deal,” said City Manager Bill Smith.

“Both employees were able to utilize the city’s education reimbursement program; it’s a great benefit and we encourage our employees to take advantage of this program. I do not think either employee was excited to be recognized, but I appreciate both of them for being here and indulging us,” concluded Smith.

Both of the employees were recognized among city council, staff and the public, where they also received a certificate of recognition.

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“Tonight we take this opportunity to acknowledge and congratulate two staff members that have successfully completed their degrees while balancing family and work life. Attending college continuously is a difficult achievement,” said Haydee Sainz, Human Resources Director.

“The attainment of your respective degrees proves that you are a model and motivation to many – you should be proud of yourself. Now you will have many opportunities coming your way and I am confident that you will make the most of your education and reach new heights of success in the future,” continued Sainz.

The first employee recognized earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration, Dawn Miller, executive assistant to the city manager.

The second employee recognized earned a master’s degree in leadership and organizational studies, Victor Ortiz, the city engineer. “I just want to say… the success to obtain goals is achieved through effort, determination and perseverance. You have both achieved it, enjoy your success and have fun. Congratulations!” concluded Sainz.

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