National breast cancer prevention study seeks Inland Empire volunteers

Laura Esserman, MD, MBA is a surgeon and breast cancer oncology specialist practicing at the UCSF Carol Franc Buck Breast Care Center where she has also held the position of Director since 1996. Here she confers with colleague Jo Chien, MD in a clinic exam room at the center, located at 1600 Divisadero Street.
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The WISDOM Study, a groundbreaking effort to determine the best way to screen for breast cancer, just received a multi-million dollar grant from the National Cancer Institute to help increase the number of minority women who participate, including those who primarily speak Spanish. The study, founded by doctors at the University of California, seeks to improve the way breast cancer is screened in women, and hopes to improve the health of generations of women.  Amidst the stress and uncertainty we are all facing from the Coronavirus pandemic, enrolling in the WISDOM study is something empowering that women can do for their health, online from the comfort of their home. 

Women who participate are followed over time to determine whether a personalized approach to breast cancer screening, based on each woman’s individual’s risk (including her family and health history, lifestyle and genetics), can improve cancer detection and health outcomes when compared to the current, one size fits all approach to screening that recommends annual mammograms. Participation is convenient, online, and free of charge.

“We still don’t know whether annual mammogram screenings are the best way to detect breast cancer,” said Dr. Esserman, Director of the Carol Franc Buck Breast Care Center at UC, San Francisco. “This study will answer those questions and hopefully lead to better screening and prevention of breast cancer for all women.”

The study, available online in English and Spanish, launched three years ago and initiated a partnership with the Inland Empire Health Plan last year to include female plan members free of charge. In December 2019, the study expanded and is open to qualifying women nationwide. Women age 40 to 75 can participate if they do not have a history of breast cancer.  To learn more about The WISDOM Study, or to enroll, please visit or call us at 855-729-2844.

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