Arrowhead Regional Medical Center expands Nurse Residency Program

Photo ARMC: Arrowhead Regional Medical Center’s nurse residents.
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Arrowhead Regional Medical Center (ARMC) now offers a 12-month Nurse Residency training program consisting of residents of several departments including the Emergency Room, Operating Room, Medical Surgical, Perinatal and Critical Care departments. This comprehensive program is designed to prepare new graduate nurses for their transition into the professional nursing role.

“Our Nurse Residency Program builds confidence and competence, while creating a support network of graduates,” stated ARMC’s Interim Nurse Coordinator, Jennifer Walker, RN. “We further nurture their professional aspirations offering career guidance and professional involvement opportunities.”

Upon completion of the Nurse Residency Program nurses will have hands-on experience to provide patient-centered and compassionate nursing care to the hospital’s diverse patient population. They will be able to integrate evidence-based practice with daily clinical practice, and demonstrate increased competency in nursing, including areas of clinical knowledge, communication, critical thinking, professionalism, and technical skills.

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