Colton Woman’s Club presents HOBY Awards to Mia Zamor, Aiden Smith


At the monthly business meeting, the Colton Woman’s Club presented two “HOBY Awards” (Hugh O’Brien Youth) to Colton High School sophomores Mia Zamora and Aiden Smith.

The “HOBY Awards,” named after actor Hugh O’Brien, was established in 1958 to recognize students who excel in school academically and who demonstrate leadership potential. At that time, Hugh O’Brien was serving in communities abroad with well-known humanitarian and writer Albert Schweitzer when they were talking about recruiting America’s youth for potential leadership/missionary opportunities. Later that year, Hugh O’Brien went on to establish a similar youth program in Los Angeles, and since then, over 500,000 students have benefited from the “HOBY Award” program.

Currently, this award not only includes public recognition, but provides a scholarship at a Summer Youth Leadership camp, and provides support services for attending college. In order to qualify for this award students need to write an essay, meet and confer with their school counselor, be screened by the Colton Woman’s Club, and finally, be interviewed with the CWC scholarship committee.

The essay that was submitted by Mia Zamora included the opening statement that “A leader is a person who looks for improvement and encourages others to improve as well.” She then continued writing about the ways in which good leaders create and inspire new ideas for others, “Leaders help make visions come true and put others’ needs first.” Mia hopes to improve her leadership skills by attending the leadership camp and stresses that her goal of being a strong leader will help her encourage others.

Aiden Smith says that leadership, “Is something that someone does not simply choose to become, but is more of a calling to action.” As such, Aiden believes he has much to learn but appears ready and willing to take on that challenge. Two examples that show that Aiden has demonstrated his leadership characteristics are by leading group work at school and his efforts to provide guidance to others, as in the leadership “Link Crew” program.

Looking forward, Aiden believes this “HOBY” award will provide him with the opportunity to gain experience and develop a better understanding of what it means to be a leader. While at camp Aiden looks to improve his public speaking skills and focus on ways to promote unity.

We would certainly like to congratulate these two students for their achievements and certainly wish them well at leadership camp, and later on, as they pursue their college educational goals. The Colton Woman’s Club has sponsored these scholarships for several years, usually selecting one from each of the high schools. Their efforts are to be commended and their support of local and school programs continues to be a light that drives the community spirit to greater heights. For more information about the Colton Woman’s Club and its programs please contact the Parliamentarian Dena Leavitt @ 909-649-5311.

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