FunBox lives up to its name


Looking for something new to do that will give you lots of awesome photos? Try Funbox in Arcadia. It’s a museum where you can go to have some fun and walk through different themed rooms with special art installations. My family and I had to chance to go and I highly recommend it.

Here is  what you should expect at FunBox!

Walking through the doors, you will be greeted by a teddy bear tunnel welcoming you to the place. It’s a perfect photo opportunity and is so adorable. Then you are greeted by some mini set ups. These include a pig designed section as well as TikTok and Instagram logos if you want to post something to those sites while you’re there. As you move through, you will come across a “bubble party”. You get five minutes to jump around and take some pictures in the “bubbles”, before moving on to your next spot. You will then be able to do a few more interactive things, such as going into a room filled with flying balloons and a room where the whole place is a mirror, making for another great Instagrammable moment.

Finally, your last destination is a bowl of cereal. You can play around in it for a five minutes, and once again, get more photos. After that, you have reached the end, and get to review and send all the photos you’ve taken on your phones.

Overall, Funbox is the place to go for a fun family experience, or to get some pictures for your feed. This is an especially kid friendly place that any age will love.  

Special tips: Schedule an early time slot if you can and beat the crowd to take your time with photos!  FunBox is located next to the food court of the WestField Santa Anita Mall, so you can plan a to also have lunch or a day of shopping. 

You can learn more about FunBox on their social media pages or by visiting their website: 

I highly recommend FunBox, as it is fun for everyone. I give Funbox a 4/5 fun factor.