Meeting Ernie Johnson at Inside The NBA on TNTs 30th Anniversary Media Luncheon

Photo Caden Center: Aspiring broadcaster and community writer Caden Henderson sits down with Ernie Johnson, host of Inside The NBA on TNT. Video of the interview below.
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Last week, I was lucky enough to attend Inside The NBA on TNT’s 30th year anniversary media luncheon. I had a great time and was able to interview Ernie Johnson while there.

The afternoon started with a discussion on stage from the four analysts of the show, Shaq, Kenny “The Jet” Smith, Charles Barkley, and of course, Ernie Johnson. They discussed what makes the show great – how anyone can throw an idea out there, from a director to someone bringing in the food, and it can be used in the show! How they feel they have changed a little bit of the NBA’s culture. And, it’s true. With the extremely high rise of basketball popularity, and decline of other sports, the TNT crew has taken the sports world by storm. Even if you don’t like basketball, as the group said, you can still watch the show, and have a few laughs.

After the group discussion I was given the opportunity to interview the long time host of the show, Ernie Johnson. For those who don’t know, he is incredible. He and his wife have biological children, as well as children they have adopted, including sick kids in foreign countries, such as Romania, who, without them, wouldn’t be here today. He is also a cancer survivor and just a great host. He told me about how many memorable moments the show has given him. When I asked him advice to aspiring broadcasters like me, he mentioned his dad and how he followed in his footsteps. His advice was to just be yourself.

Lastly, I had to ask, is another book coming? His first book, Unscripted is a MUST read (seriously, if you haven’t read it, find a way to get it). He said when he has the time he would love to, it’s just about getting what is in his head to paper. I can’t wait for when he releases that second book.

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Overall, the luncheon experience was great. As a Laker and NBA fan, seeing three basketball legends and a legendary host was an unbelievable experience.

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