February 27, 2024


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Rialto City Council declares local emergency in response to COVID-19

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Social gatherings will be limited and or cancelled through at least April 30.

An emergency meeting was held in Rialto on March 12 when Rialto City Council announced a local emergency in response to the coronavirus.

Although at the time of the meeting no residents within city limits had contracted the virus, City Council was adamant towards being proactive in protecting constituents in the community and beyond.

“Let’s all be very diligent, helpful and observant in this space. This is the time for us to look at each other, be kind and understand that we are all in this together. Do not racial profile or give anyone a sense of not being wanted or belonging,” said Mayor Deborah Robertson.

During discussion, council recommended residents utilize air purifiers in their home.

This is an unfortunate local and international issue. We need to take action on these items today. I’m proud that we were able to secure some supplies from the Office of Emergency Services from the County of San Bernardino so our police and fire fighters have proper equipment while they’re out in the field,” said Councilman Andy Carrizales.

Some of the action taken in the city is the cancellation of all large gatherings, the restriction of travel and the closure of Rialto Unified School District schools; along with deep cleaning the schools while on break.

Public and private entities throughout the United States have limited or eliminated events. Notably the National Basketball Association (NBA) suspended its regular season and Harvard University discontinued in-person classes,” shared City Administrator Rod Foster.

Foster continued to inform the council on Governor Gavin Newsom’s recommendation of keeping six feet away from others in an attempt to practice social distance.

According to the city council legislation text, the city manager, upon the joint recommendation of the Fire Chief and Police Chief of the City of Rialto, based upon overwhelming evidence in support, establishes limitations on public events. All City events, City sponsored events, City co-sponsored events, and events on City property are subject to immediate cancellation under this action. Similarly, the allowance of the use of City resources for any other event is subject to immediate withdrawal.

The cancellation of events, gatherings and recommendation of social limitations will last through at least April 30. For more information, visit yourrialto.com.


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