San Salvador Church holds Multicultural Festival

On Saturday and Sunday, September 3 and 4, the San Salvador Church held its annual Multicultural Festival on the church grounds on West K Street. Over 800 people attended this weekend event which was highlighted by the Sunday Holy Mass, a special service, presided over by visiting Bishop Alberto Rojas, of the Diocese of San Bernardino.

According to the event organizers, the festival, also known as the “Fiesta” to the locals, opened with a benediction and blessing offered by Rev. Moises Henriquez Fmm. The Saturday slate of activities included booths, jumpers, bailes folkloricos, a king and queen contest, karaoke, DJ music, and a live band – “Flamingo Band.”

(L to R): Fr. Moises Henriquez Fmm; Mr Antonio Rivas; Fr. Nelson Eduardo Angel Bonilla Fmm.

The Fiesta celebration was originally organized around the 1950s, according to Deacon Bob, a long-time popular parish priest, who is retired, and still likes to participate and officiate services when available. “I believe the Fiesta started under the guidance of Father Valencia,” remembered Deacon Bob, who also commented, “When it began, the Fiesta was on 7th Street, held for three days, and the booths were located across the street in the parking lot.”  He then went on to explain that about 10-12 years ago, several houses that were located behind the church, were vacated and donated to the church. After demolition of those houses, that one-acre parcel became the new location for the Fiesta, and other events.

For over 60 years, the Fiesta has been an integral part of cultural scene in South Colton, and has drawn people from throughout the region, including many church leaders from other parishes. Having the Bishop Alberto Rojas here to officiate the Holy Mass is just an example of the outreach goals of San Salvador.  “The purpose of this event is to bring people together,” says Deacon Bob, who added, “Everyone is welcome.”

From the great attendance on both days, the success of the food/game booths, and the amazing smiles of many Fiesta patrons, this Multicultural Festival sponsored by The San Salvador Church is not only blessed, but is destined to continue its community mission into the next generation. Indeed, this church has gathered its people. For more information about San Salvador Church contact the church office @ 909-825-3481 or visit, at 178 West K Street.

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