Sushi Miguel Style owner served Sayaka customers for over 25 years, expanding to Moreno Valley

Courtesy photo: Miguel Aguirre, owner of Sushi Miguel Style, served customers at Sayaka’s for over 25 years where he gained loyal customers. He opened his own restaurant in Colton six years ago, and serves an array of sushi, appetizers, bento boxes, teriyaki chicken, ramen noodles and more. The chain has expanded to Fontana, and will be opening another restaurant in Moreno Valley this month.

Miguel and Anabel Aguirre, owners of Sushi Miguel Style in Colton, have a lifetime of dedicated customers and success to their name.

Although Sushi Miguel Style has only been open for about six years, Miguel Aguirre forged a connection with guests at Sayaka’s in Colton, where he worked for over 25 years.

“My Uncle Miguel started his career as a dishwasher at Sayaka’s, then he became a cook and started moving his way up,” said Paola Aguirre, Sushi Miguel Style Manager (Moreno Valley).

Not only did Aguirre learn to make sushi at Sayaka’s, but it’s where he generated a legion of dedicated customers who enjoyed his zest for creativity, through sushi.

“He started making a special chili sauce which is a chili oil, he invented this special sauce, along with pickled onions and offered it to customers and that’s how he started getting known around town. He had his own customers at Sayaka’s,” continued Aguirre.

After studying and working so many years at Sayaka’s, Miguel felt it was time to move on and create a Sushi restaurant with a Latin twist.

“I would say that his sushi paste makes Sushi Miguel Style restaurant different from other restaurants in the area. It’s somewhat of a Hispanic twist on sushi, there are many spices on sushi; which include the chili oil and pickled onions,” Aguirre said.

Aguirre noted that growing up as a kid, every other Sunday her uncle (Miguel) would put together a sushi gathering where he would make sushi for his family and friends.

“My uncle loves food and he is so passionate about it. He’s very creative; literally everything that he touches is great,” said Aguirre.

With so much passion going into the business, Sushi Miguel Style recently announced that it will be expanding this November 2019, when its Moreno Valley location opens at 12625 Fredrick St., Unit K 1.

The restaurant originated in Colton, has expanded to Fontana, and is now headed towards Moreno Valley.

“We all grew up in Colton, so this place will always be considered home. But, we are so excited to open Sushi Miguel Style in Moreno Valley. I’ll be managing the new location and I’m looking forward to serving the community,” concluded Aguirre.

Sushi Miguel Style is located at 291 E. Valley Blvd, Colton. For more information, call 909-777-0012.