Coach Bob Sheehan hits 600 career wins

Caden with his grandfather Bob Sheehan who celebrated his 600th career win last Saturday.
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On Saturday, April 6th legendary high school varsity baseball coach, and my grandfather, Bob Sheehan, hit his 600th career win when his Beaumont High School Cougars beat Colton High School in a tournament game.

What is ironic about this game is that Coach Sheehan got his first very win while coaching at Colton High School when he started his career. Sheehan has also coached at Arrowhead Christian Academy, Costa Mesa High School, and, more famously, at Chino High School for 27 of his 37 years as a coach. Chino is where Sheehan collected the majority of his wins (482 to be exact) and the baseball field at Chino is now named after him.

After the win, both teams gathered at the pitchers mound to hold up a 6 and celebrate the historic victory. After that Sheehan’s family, including me, came up and took some pictures to help remember this once in a lifetime moment.

I personally have enjoyed seeing many, many of these 600 wins and it is so cool to know I have a grandpa who is one of the best high school coaches out there. 
Good luck to Beaumont the rest of the season as they and Sheehan look to add a few more to that 600 win count.

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