Grounded Self Care Studio provides healing space for black and brown communities

Photos Tiana Janine Paopao: Making history in San Bernardino as one of the city’s very first self care studios, CEO/Founder Destiny Frye cuts the ribbon on Nov. 8 during the grand opening event attended by California State Assemblymember Eloise Gómez Reyes.
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Grounded Self Care Studio is located near the Breezeway in downtown San Bernardino and its ribbon cutting was held on Sunday, November 8, from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. to limit the number of visitors at any given time.

The self care studio is groundbreaking for the city, as it is one of the first in the region to provide a space for the healing of mind, body, and soul through therapeutic experiences. 

“Sometimes our black and brown communities are neglected and often forgotten in the healing process, because our healing may look different than others,” said CEO / Founder Destiny Frye. “I wanted to create our own space, to heal in our own way through artistic and therapeutic experiences that cultivate healing, human connection and transformational moments. Grounded was intentionally curated to serve as a proactive solution to the lack of innovative mental health resources within San Bernardino.”

Aria, Destiny and Darrell Frye celebrating Grounded Self Care Studio before a successful 12-hour COVID-19 compliant grand opening, attended by 120 guests.

Frye detailed how she initially wrote the self care studio idea down in a notebook years ago, stumbled upon it in 2019, and acted on it.

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She shared how she secured a large funder early on in the process and declined when she was told the studio needed to be located in the city of Chino.

“By telling that funder no, I knew I was turning down so many resources. But, it was that important for me to create a self care studio located in the heart of San Bernardino, to provide our underserved communities the tools to become grounded,” continued Frye.

When stepping into Grounded Self Care Studio, visitors immediately have the opportunity to write a letter of gratitude in the retreat inspired lounge.

“So, when you walk into our studio you have the opportunity to write a letter of gratitude to anyone you’d like and we’ll mail it for you. Yesterday, I came across a letter that did not have an address on it, and it was addressed to myself,” said Frye.

“The person wrote that Grounded Self Care Studio was the start of healing for them and a place they felt they were able to enter as they were. We are truly here to be a safe haven for our community. We’re not trying to fix anyone, we’re just trying to assist them in their journey towards healing. I believe that healed people are able to heal people,” continued Frye.

At the ribbon cutting a visitor shared with Frye that she recently considered leaving San Bernardino, but the studio changed her mind.

“A woman came up to me, she’s actually a black immigrant and she said a couple days before attending the grand opening, she felt as if there was nothing for her in San Bernardino and she considered moving back home. She said that after experiencing Grounded yesterday, she will not leave. That alone is enough to sustain me for a year,” Frye said.

Frye, her husband Darrell Frye, and their 20 healers have also been busy leading self care services for many employers and employees across the region, including San Bernardino County, Ontario International Airport, Blackflower Media, WIC Assoc., Inland Congregations United for Change, and more.

“The purpose of the corporate service component is to partner with employers to provide self care services, tools, and resources to show their employees that their employers care about their well being. We meet with the employer beforehand to determine their overall goal,” shared Frye.

This coming Friday, November 13, Grounded Self Care Studio is partnering with the Ontario International Airport to host a virtual “Healing Paint and Sip” workshop for a number of its employees, focusing on “what matters most,” and using art to communicate what means most to each participant.

“With all employers, we mail each kit to every employee’s home. The kit comes with a canvas board, paint, paint brushes, a tea light, a journal, a pencil, and a Grounded gift all wrapped in a box,” Frye said.

Recently, the self care studio hosted a workshop for San Bernardino County Preschool Services Department and participants were asked to paint swings…the higher the swing was painted showcased a lack of compassion and more life struggles; the lower the swing was painted showcased a much higher sense of compassion.

Grounded Self Care Studio also poses much opportunity for individuals around the community seeking to become or maintain a feeling of being grounded, through one of its many forthcoming workshops in November and December; including an open mic and writing workshop, performance and body movement workshop, sound bath meditation and journaling workshop.

“I would like to thank my family, my mom and dad, my daughter, husband Darrell, my brother, sister, owner of Viva La Boba David Friedman, and thank you to the community for coming out. We only exist due to the need that is there,” concluded Frye.

Grounded Self Care Studio is located at 381 N. E Street, San Bernardino.

For more information, visit

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