Rialto City Council approves deferment of disposal service rates

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Rialto City Council approved the deferment of residential municipal solid waste collection, recycling and disposal service rates for fiscal year 2020/2021.

“I’m here this year to present the proposed rate adjustment for the residential and commercial rates for the 2020/2021 year. Every year we come before the council for due consideration for the rates that are adjusted by certain contractual items such as the consumer price index, which came in at 3.07 percent this year,” said Richard Nino, Burrtec representative.

At the meeting it was announced that Rialto residents generated less trash on a per home basis this year than they did in 2019.

“These items on the chart are the impacts in regard to the most prevalent subscription for a 60 gallon tax billed account. These items delineate the adjustments for the 2020/2021 rate year,” continued Nino.

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The chart that Nino presented to council included cost components such as service, trash, green waste, recyclables and windy day price adjustments.

“The service fee would see a CPI adjustment indicative of a $0.49 price increase. The county annual cost adjustment would be reduced by $0.04 due to Rialto producing much less trash this year. The annual cost adjustment for green waste processing costs would increase by $0.45 per month. The recycling market values would increase by $0.92. Finally, the annual cost adjustment to the windy day component would see a $0.07 increase,” shared Nino.

In total, the 2020/2021 residential municipal solid waste collection, recycling and disposal service rates would have increased by almost $2 per month.

“This year we did present the rates with city staff and as the item was being discussed and we tried to see what we could do to help Rialto residents in this time of the COVID-19 pandemic. We concluded to present to you this option of a deferral where the 2020/2021 rate adjustment would be deferred to the 2021/2022 rate year,” concluded Nino.

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