Rialto City Council, staff discuss Frisbie Park discrepancies ahead of October completion

Frisbie park, located at 598 E. Easton St., anticipates completion in October 2020, after initial development back in 2016.
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As anticipation continues to build in regard to the opening of Rialto’s renovated 27.4 acre Frisbie Park, it was announced on May 26 that constituents can expect it to be completed in October 2020.

“The motion is to move items number one through four on tab number six. We will be amending item number five, we will not be deleting the dog park, but ask staff to bring back a plan on how to reduce the cost on the dog park,” said Councilmember Joe Baca Jr.

According to the city council agenda, item #1 includes the elimination of the basketball/tennis courts, with RC Graves Construction; item #2 is to authorize the city manager to approve a construction contingency in the amount not to exceed $300,000 (2%) for any potential construction contract change orders; item #3 is to approve a first amendment to the professional services agreement with Griffin Structures, Inc. in the Amount not to exceed $42,000; item #4 is to approve purchase order to West Valley Water District for permit fees in the amount of $22,011.68.

During discussion city council and city staff had a minor discrepancy in regards to item number five, which was to delete the dog park and defer it to a future phase or a separate project.

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“On February 12, city council approved to eliminate tennis and basketball courts in place of the dog park. Today we are asking for a two percent contingency, which is about $300,000. The dog park is not a part of the contract scope of work and it’s an added scope to the contract. It’s imperative to have some cushion in contingency so we do not delay the project,” said Michael Tehan, PPM Group Inc. representative.

Initially in 2019, city council did not include any type of contingency and council did not agree that the dog park scope of work should be allocated an additional set of funds.

“I looked at my notes and I recall council providing direction that the dog park should be built at approximately the same cost of the tennis courts. Now here we are looking at the Mercedes Benz of dog parks. City council gave direction and people are supposed to follow direction. Why has that not been done,” asked Mayor Pro-tem Ed Scott.

City Manager Rod Foster said they have no viable excuse and staff is bringing the item back on June 9.

“It took us four years to get here and I’m blown away by the direction and the numbers. We’re still sitting here…I heard that the park is on schedule; I find it hard to believe that it’s on schedule when we’re this far out and all of this is coming forward,” said Mayor Deborah Robertson. For more information, visit yourrialto.com.

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