San Bernardino Police Department promotes Explorer Scouts

Photo Ricardo Tomboc:  From left: - Advisor Police Sgt. John Echevarria, Corporal Jocelyn Bejar, Corporal Martha Delgado, Sgt. Jorge Vargas, Captain Juan Loera, Corporal Travon Davis, Corporal Jacob Echevarria, Sgt. Jennifer Garcia, Lieutenant Jose Velasco, Advisor Police Officer Jennifer Davila, and Retired Homicide Detective & Police Reserve Officer Glen Carr.
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On Wednesday, Feb. 5 the San Bernardino Police Department (SBPD) held a promotional ceremony for eight Police Explorer Scouts advancing their ranks.  The ceremony was held at the San Bernardino Police Department where parents, family, friends, and staff members all took part.  The SBPD Explorer Post 303 is a non-Scouting subsidiary of the Boy Scouts of America and is available to young adults ages 14 to 20. 

Out of 25 peers, these eight Explorer Scouts accomplished several prerequisites that awarded them their ability to move up their ranks.  SBPD Chief Eric McBride addressed the audience and congratulated each of the Explorers as they received their certificates and promotional pins.  The Explorers chose to have either a parent or a staff member pin their new lapel pins that designated their newly promoted positions. 

Photo Ricardo Tomboc: Roxanne Velasco, a Records Technician with the San Bernardino Police Department, pins her son, Jose Velasco, with Lieutenant bars during the promotional ceremony.

SBPD Sergeant John Echevarria is one of the advisors overseeing the Explorer Scout program, and emceed the event, announcing each of the candidate’s achievements, talents, and accomplishments.  Other advisors who also participated in the Promotional Ceremony were Police Officer Jennifer Davila and retired SBPD Homicide Detective Glenn Carr, who was recently awarded the Reserve Police Officer’s Distinguished Service Award for his hundreds of hours dedicated to the Explorer program. 

Explorer promotions are based on a selection process monitored by several volunteer police officers acting in the capacity of advisors and from peers who give feedback and participate in the promotional process.

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Promoted to the rank of Captain was Juan Loera who has been an explorer since 2018.  Juan currently attends San Bernardino Valley College and is a SBPD Cadet.  Promoted to the rank of Lieutenant was Jose Velasco who has been an explorer since 2016.  Jose attends Crafton Hills Community College.  Promoted to the rank of Sergeant was Jocelyn Bejar who has been an explorer since 2018.  Jocelyn is a student at Arroyo Valley High School, and was recognized for recruiting 9 new explorers, having a 98% attendance, and attending 94% of events.  Promoted to the rank of Sergeant was Jorge Vargas who has been an explorer since 2017.  Jorge attends San Bernardino Valley College.

Rialto High School student Jennifer Garcia, who has been an explorer since 2018 was promoted to Sergeant. Promoted to the rank of Corporal was Martha Delgado who has been an explorer since 2018.  Promoted to the rank of Corporal was Travon Davis who has been an explorer since 2018.  Travon attends San Bernardino Valley College and is currently in the process of becoming an intern at the police department.  Promoted to the rank of Corporal was Jacob Echevarria who has been an explorer since 2018.  Jacob is a student at Redlands High School and is considering a career in the U.S. Military and hopes to serve as a public servant as either a firefighter or police officer. 

At the end of the Explorer Promotional Ceremony, Captain Brian Pellis addressed the attendees and congratulated them for their achievements and encouraged them to continue in their efforts.  Captain Pellis was at one time an Explorer Scout and a Police Reserve Officer before joining the San Bernardino Police Department.  As a result, Captain Pellis tries to make every effort to attend most of the Explorer Promotional events. 

The SBPD Explorer program provides young adults with hands-on opportunities to learn about the field of Law Enforcement.  The Explorer program is also a potential recruitment tool.  Explorers are mentored and provided with many opportunities to serve the police department and the community.  The Explorer program helps develop character, leadership, citizenship, and encourages public service!  Explorers attend an Academy during the summer and compete with other Explorer posts.  They receive specialized police training and routinely practice drills and exercises to sharpen their skills and physical condition. 

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