23 volunteers join Dr. G for Colton Area Museum moving day

Last Saturday, June 26, was an important day at the Colton Area Museum. Dr. G had scheduled a community project on the main floor of the museum that will undoubtedly change the scope of its display programming for the next several seasons, if not decades.

It was moving day at the Colton Area Museum. The project involved moving approximately 40-60 pieces of furniture and display items that were either too heavy for one person to move or too bulky to box up. Once the word got out, Dr. G was grateful that many individuals offered to volunteer their time to help with the move.

“When we started, 23 people came to help – that was awesome,” smiled Dr. G, who added, “the whole purpose of this move is that the museum is currently undergoing renovation.”

Two years ago the City of Colton was awarded grant money on behalf of the museum, and as a result, plans were put in place for the museum to undergo considerable renovation. The next step in the process is the installation of a new floor on the main level, including the mezzanine. To make way for the installation of new flooring, the entire level needed to be cleared. Hence the big move.

True to the way we do things in Colton, 16 people came at 8 a.m. to help D. G with this massive moving project. A few minutes later 7 more people showed up to create a 23-member volunteer work crew second to none. Everyone came to work, and the entire task was completed in 90 minutes.

“This was a great effort,” beamed Mike Murphy, President of the Colton Area Museum Association, who also reported, “Seven members of the fire department also came later to help.”

Police Chief Hank Dominquez offered an excellent description of the volunteer effort, “Teamwork makes the dream work.”

The Chief, along with his son, Henry Jr, were the first two volunteers reporting for duty and helped to set up a process that worked like a smooth-running machine.

“We are certainly grateful so many people came to help,” commented Dr. G, who quickly wanted to list the names of all the helpers. They were; Hank Dominguez, Police Chief; Henry Dominguez, Mike Farcas, Dr. G, CAM Life Member; Tim Heustenberg, Jeff Ketchum, Edward Morden, Erik Morden, Soledad Morden, Mike Murphy, CAM Board; Christina Perris, CAM Board; Rosanne Reyes, Aaron Roberts, Oscar Servin, Jimmy Villegas, CAM Board; Bob Zermeno, plus seven CFD firefighters.

For more information about CITY TALK, various community groups, Colton history, the trash clean-up, neighborhood meetings, or the online live-stream programs, text or call Dr. G @ 909–213-3730.


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