February 28, 2024


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Agree vs. Disagree with Trump

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Cartoon Created by Yezenia Ruiz

Right off the bat, I confess there are several views of Donald Trump that I agree with.

However, there are several more of his views that I disagree with. He is a “draft dodger.” During the Vietnam War he had five deferments because of heel bone spurs. Allegedly having them.

At the same time he was playing football and soccer at Wharton College. He constantly affirms his loyalty for the military and says he gives money for veterans. Evidence shows that most of the money goes into his own pockets.

He affirms that he has never smoked, or used liquor or drugs; and demands that his children follow suit. Very commendable.

I wish he had added that they NOT lie-which he does-that they publish their tax reports-which he won’t- and that they refuse using filthy language or have a vulgar mind.

Warren Buffett has challenged Trump for both of them to meet (anytime and place) to reveal their tax report and let the items be questioned.

Trump’s propensity for lying covers several other items. First, he has lied about the success of his business ventures. Both Buffett and Romney state that ten of them have gone under, including the Trump University, the Trump Airline, the Trump Water Company plus four Casinos.

However, in every case, Trump has taken huge salaries for himself and his children prior to claiming Chapter 11 and bankruptcy.

A major disagreement that I have with Trump is the way he slanders those who disagree with him. Beginning with the 16 men and woman on the stage. Including, Kasich, Bush, Cruse, Rubio and the others including Clinton and Sanders.

I don’t recall any allegations about him like: draft dodger, wife cheater, lying on his taxes, vulgar language.

The worst evidence against Trump is the derogatory comments about the Kahns. Both husband and wife in the loss of their son in Iraq. Trump has no decency.

Donald Trump’s judgement can be questioned. Especially as it concerns his views regarding immigration. He’s called Mexicans, criminals, rapists and murderers. He even challenged Judge Gonzales Curiel’s ability to be objective of his Trump University’s case because of his Mexican heritage. His judgement regarding the use of a nuclear bomb is very scary.

Trump’s grandparents both immigrated from Germany. His mother immigrated from Scotland and two of his wives came from the Czech Republic. I wonder if he would object to a Judge that had a German heritage.

The same rationale applies to his attitude toward Muslims. He wants them banned, their mosques closed and they are to be “carded.” Do you know this behavior sounds a lot like what Hitler did to the Jews? By the way, Hitler never smoked, used liquor or drugs.

A further questioning of Trump’s judgement concerns President Putin of Russia. Trump avows only a casual knowledge of him. Pictures prove he’s lied. He denies even business knowledge. Amazingly, a video shows his oldest son saying that they have made millions of dollars from their business in Russia. Evidently Donald, Jr’s mother taught him NOT to lie.

Trump is a very unique and creative person. In his public speaking he has two basic skills. First, he speaks with vague and disclaimer phrases. Seldom does he use certainties. Examples, “It’s possible.” “I heard that.” “I read.” “It can be.” “I was told.” “Believe me.” And his favorite, “I was being sarcastic.

” These vague comments are then changed into facts. But the statements can never be proven. The story about Muslims dancing and singing after the 9/11 fiasco were spoken by Trump as fact, until they were proven wrong. But Trump got a lot of mileage out of the lies.

Trump’s negative, divisive and attitudes are attractive to a certain type of people. Most of them are relatively uneducated and unemployed. The book “Hillbilly Elegy” by J.D. Vance gives a graphic portrayal of the disfranchised followers of Trump. He comes from the Appalachians and calls himself a hillbilly. Coal mining, steel mill unemployed. He subscribes them as gullible and change is what they want because they have very little. By the way, he got out of the environment by getting an education.

In my opinion, the most devastating attitude that belongs to Trump is his arrogance. His belief that he alone can change America and solve its problems. It is also reflected in his signature belief, “I’ll Make America Great Again. “First, his premise is wrong. America is already great. Of course, improvement can be made-as with most things. I’ve visited 84 countries, and in every one of them I’ve met people that would give ten years of their lives if they could live in the USA.

Trump lies, cheats, bankrupts and inherited millions of dollars from his dad. He’s failed in his business; in his family life and with the Republican Party. Speculation rather than facts is his stock in trade.

Amen. Selah. So be it.


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