July 19, 2024


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Baby’s gender revealed through aerial banner flyover at local park

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Photos Ricardo Tomboc - Tomboc@juno.com: Above: An aerial banner revealed to expecting parents Oscar and Jocelyn Mena, below, their baby’s gender. Oscar and Jocelyn were married in November 2018 and are expecting their first child in November.

On Saturday, July 11th at the Littlefield Shultis Community Park in San Bernardino, a special baby gender-reveal took place for a young couple expecting their first child.  Oscar and Jocelyn Mena were married in November 2018 and recently discovered that Jocelyn was pregnant and due in late November.  Jocelyn’s sister, Tannya Munoz, wanted to do something special for them – to give them an “adventure.”  The perfect baby gender-reveal project was now underway.

Expecting parents Jocelyn and Oscar Mena pose with future grandparents Jesus and Rosa Munoz.

Tannya considered several baby gender-reveal options like the traditional cake and soccer ball reveals; Tannya decided on an aerial banner theme.  The plan included several details like the proper table settings, balloons, decorated backdrops, games, prize giveaways, tabletop decorations, food, drinks, raffle tickets, and more.  Tannya planned and choreographed the moments before, after, and during the reveal itself.  A commercial airplane company was hired to tow a large aerial banner announcing the baby’s gender to fly over the park.  The only one who knew the baby’s gender was Tannya, and not even the future parents were told!

Jocelyn Mena (left) and older sister Tannya Munoz who planned the gender reveal event.

About 50 friends and family members all met at the park.  Everyone was practicing COVID-19 precautions by using masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, and social distancing.  Food catering was a major consideration in that foods were selected that were in self-contained packages for minimal handling, and only special designated food servers dispensed the meals.  Although everyone used a facemask, the mask was removed for photographs and quickly replaced.

As the time for the big reveal was approaching, participants were instructed to form a large circle around Oscar and Jocelyn, as they faced away from the direction of the arriving airplane.  Only after the aerial banner was clearly visible were the guests allowed to yell out the baby’s gender and set off the confetti poppers.  Oscar and Jocelyn then turned and looked up to see the flying banner that read, “Jocelyn & Oscar are having a Boy!” “It’s a BOY!” could be heard from guests yelling and cheering the announcement.  Oscar and Joslyn pointed to the sky at the banner as Jocelyn eyes welled up in tears at the reveal. 

As relatives congratulated the young couple, someone asked them if they had a name in mind, and to many people’s surprise, Jocelyn yelled out, “His name is William!”  As the airplane continued to fly over the park for several minutes, friends and family members returned their attention to Jocelyn.  Future grandparents Jesus and Rosa Munoz were delighted with the “It’s a Boy” announcement as this would be the first boy born to the family.


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