April 13, 2024


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College Corps identifies how it helps underprivilaged students find purpose & combat depression at 45 partner campuses

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CSUSB and SBVC are two of 45 partner campuses to participate in the statewide Californians For All College Corps program that combines academic and hands-on work experience.

On March 13th, College Corps co-hosted a virtual zoom briefing with California Black Media to discuss the College Corps program and its transformative experience for students.
The program, which consists of 70 percent of Pell Grant recipients, has proven to be a powerful motivator for students, particularly at a time when they report rising rates of depression and anxiety, as well as financial stress and uncertainty.
Emilio Ruiz, a participant and College Corps site host, shared his experience with the program, saying, “I get to see small parts of myself in the children that I work with every week. This program helped me not have to worry about finances while I was in college which gave me more time to focus on my studies; for that, I am grateful.”
The program addresses the challenges faced by college students, particularly those coming out of the pandemic. Community Host Partner and CEO of Project Optimism, Ishmael Pruitt, stated, “This program can really give those that need it the most the opportunity to stand out from their peers. The program helps students build infrastructure by being intentional about supporting them.”
Beth Manke, a representative from Cal State San Bernardino (CSUSB), shared the success of the College Corps program, stating, “Our students are telling us that they’re getting a chance to understand their role in the community and understanding their own self-strengths and weaknesses.”
College Corps is the first-of-its-kind state service and career development program that provides students with financial support and professional experience while engaging in meaningful community action around education, climate, and food insecurity. The program is currently being implemented in 45 partner campuses across the state of California.
As the pandemic disrupted the lives of everyone, College Corps aims to provide opportunities for students to apply their course knowledge to real-world experiences, acquire work-related skills, and understand their role in the community. The program also helps students find their purpose and turn to their site host for guidance.
The program’s virtual briefing was a great way for media partners to learn about the transformative experiences of students and the organizations where they work. College Corps is hopeful that the program will continue to be successful in helping students find their purpose and become valuable members of their communities.
College Corps is available on the campuses of San Bernardino Valley College and CSUSB.
For more information on SBVC’s College Corps, click here.
For more information on CSUSB’s College Corps, click here.


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