Colton City Council recognizes local business La Cadena Express

From left: Dinesh Patel, Sunita Ben Patel, and Council Member Dr. G.

At the recent Colton City Council meeting, Council Member Dr.G (Dr. Luis S Gonzalez) presented La Cadena Express with a “Business Focus” recognition award for its successful business operation in the City of Colton. This well-known establishment is owned and operated by Dinesh and Sunita Ben Patel, and is truly one of Colton’s amazing success stories.

Located at 420 N. La Cadena Ave, right in the heart of Colton, La Cadena Express boasts four dispensers, 8 gas pumps, and a convenience market, that has been servicing the residents and visitors of Colton for seven years. They are open 7 days a week from 6 a.m. – 10 p.m. Four employees work at the location, including Dinesh, Sunita Ben, and their two sons, Maulish and Parthiv.

Born in India, Mr. and Mrs. Patel attended school, got married and started their family. Dinesh studied engineering in India, and Sunita Ben raised the two boys. They started learning English, and set their sights on moving to the United States in order to find more work and seek a better life to raise their family – a huge task in itself.

In 2003 they finally made that dream come true with the help of a family friend who was living in Riverside. After arriving, Dinesh found a job working at a liquor store and saved his money so that one day they would be able to own and operate their own business.

Finally in 2012, the Patel family joined with a partner to open La Cadena Express. Little by little, through hard work and persistence, the family gained full ownership of the business this year in 2019, and for that, we celebrate with them in their excellent achievement.

The entire family is to be congratulated for their tremendous effort in building and maintaining this successful business. No matter what day or time you stop in, one of the four family members are there to greet and serve with a smile.  “We truly hope that they will continue their successful business for years to come,” says Dr. G,  “and want to recognize them for their contribution to the local economy in support of a happy, healthy Colton.”

Submitted by Colton City Councilman Dr. G (Luis Gonzalez)