Go Local Lee TV series spotlighting Inland Empire restaurants coming to KVCR-TV

Photo Lee Burton:  Chef Lee Burton is set to highlight the best of the best in food, across the Inland Empire via Go Local Lee, a forthcoming TV series set to premiere on KVCR-TV.

This spring Go Local Lee is coming to the small screen on KCVR-TV channel 24 and it’s hosted by none other than local food aficionado Chef Lee Burton.

The program is set to begin shooting at the end of January, and tap into the talent pool at San Bernardino Valley College’s (SBVC) Film, Television, and Media Department for film production. 

Go Local Lee is a labor of love, aimed to encourage viewers to support locally owned and operated restaurants and other food-related businesses. 

“After having worked every job in a restaurant, from busboy to general manager, dishwasher to executive chef, I truly understand how challenging it is to operate a restaurant. I want viewers to have a sincere appreciation for how much goes into running a restaurant,” said Burton. “It’s a show about people more so than a show about food. I believe that if you get to know the restaurant owners’ stories, their struggles, that you’ll be more inclined to support them.”

Burton, who has decades of professional cooking experience under his belt, says he was initially inspired to become a professional chef after being taught how to cook by a young chef who was hired by his family to cook meals for their gatherings.

“I learned to cook as a young boy from a chef who worked for my family. I noticed how much pleasure he felt by delighting people with his food. My parents threw lots of parties and I enjoyed seeing him create amazing dinners and beautiful spreads of wonderful, themed foods. Even though I’ve had several other careers, my chef and teaching work is what makes me the most fulfilled,” continued Burton.

In terms of fulfillment, what makes this forthcoming TV show even more exciting is its collaboration with hungry talent at SBVC. 

“I’m excited to collaborate with students at SBVC for my show. I want Go Local Lee to have a current, fresh perspective and I know the students will help me achieve the look and feel that I envision. Being a culinary instructor, I enjoy working with students, especially on projects requiring lots of creativity and collaboration. I believe that experience, in any profession, is the best way to learn,” concluded Burton. 

The show’s first season features Redlands eateries such as Darby’s, Redlands Oyster Cult, and La Volata. For more information about the TV series, a peek behind the scenes, and trailers, visit GoLocalLee.net.