May 30, 2024


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Indian Springs High School hosts career pathway program ribbon cutting

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Photo SBCUSD: The SBCUSD Career Pathway Program in conjunction with EVWD provides students a robust set of hands-on experience and educational opportunities.

On Tuesday, February 25 Indian Springs High School in San Bernardino held a ribbon cutting for its new career pathway program initiative in collaboration with East Valley Water District (EVWD).

“San Bernardino City Unified School District (SBCUSD) has more than 50 career pathways offered to high school students to give them opportunities to learn about potential careers they can pursue after graduation. These include careers that may require a college degree like nursing, or automotive repair which requires specialized training but no college degree. It’s part of our school district’s mission to ensure that students graduate from high school ready to succeed in college and careers,” said Maria Garcia, SBCUSD Communications Officer.

The district’s long-term goal is to meet the region’s labor demands with SBCUSD students, who can work and live in the inland community.

“In a region that is struggling economically, giving students opportunities to train for well-paying, local jobs while they’re still in high school creates a pipeline for our students to go straight into the workforce if they choose not to attend college right away. Earning industry certification allows students to have an edge when competing for jobs,” Garcia said.

“Our superintendent (Dale Marsden) believes this will create a pathway to prosperity for our community and it is possible to end the cycle of poverty within two generations,” continued Garcia.

The career pathway program currently offers open access to every SBCUSD student and provides the student with insight and a hands-on opportunity to explore a unique field of work.

“With the East Valley Water District the students will be learning about water management. They will learn about where water comes from and different rules and regulations as to how it can be utilized. There will be lots of opportunity for hands on learning experience concerning maintenance and the operation of water,” said Melissa Valdez, EVWD Public Affairs Manager.

The EVWD course will be taught by a professor from San Bernardino Valley College and consist of around 12 student participants.

“Our goal is to mentor students, not just through the production side of things, but also provide them with soft skills…such as teaching them how apply for a job and preparing them for interviews. We hope to grow the program to provide a robust set of life skills,” concluded Valdez. For more information on the Career Pathway Program, visit:


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