June 23, 2024


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Inland Empire Brand ‘Captain’s Mast Clothing Co.’ Launches with a Salute to Nautical Style and Military Service

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(Left to right) Eric Sandoval, Alex Sandoval, Brianna Lopez, Manny Sandoval, Chris Manzano, Gabi Manzano, and Tiffany Manzano exuding the brand's signature blend of nautical and military inspiration.

Captain’s Mast, a trailblazing apparel brand rooted in the Inland Empire, has set sail in the fashion world with a line that’s as adventurous as it is respectful. Founded by veterans Jacob Luna and Christopher Manzano, the company offers unique, military-inspired fashion that captures the spirit of the high seas. Launched in September 2023, Captain’s Mast presents a collection of shirts that embody bold and rugged aesthetics entwined with maritime history.

“Our shirts are for the adventurers, the modern-day pirates who appreciate a touch of maritime history in their wardrobe,” said Jacob Luna, who still serves in the Navy after a decade of service. “We’re mixing the rough and readiness of the high seas with the honor and tradition of military service.”

A person stands confidently, their posture speaking of pride and camaraderie, clad in a Captain’s Mast tee emblazoned with crossed swords and the year 1775, a nod to historical valor.

Every shirt is a testament to Captain’s Mast’s commitment to quality, made from durable materials and crafted with an eye for detail. The founders’ dedication to functionality and style is evident in their designs, which merge nautical and pirate themes with military elements.

“We started this brand to offer something that speaks to navy enthusiasts and those who admire the pirate’s freedom on the open seas,” Christopher Manzano added, bringing five years of Navy experience and a lifelong love of nautical lore to the table. “Our apparel is for those who stand out and are proud of it.”

Their webstore, accessible globally, showcases a variety of sizes and styles to accommodate an array of preferences. With a strong belief that style is universal, Captain’s Mast aims to reach a broad audience, catering to anyone drawn to the aesthetic of the maritime world.

From the Inland Empire’s Highland, the founders are not only paying homage to naval heritage but are also embodying the entrepreneurial spirit of their hometown.

A child standing in front of a Navy ship
Maddox Manzano wearing his Father Christopher Manzano’s clothing brand, Captain’s Mast.

As they prepare for their respective deployments, Luna and Manzano ensure that Captain’s Mast’s sails remain unfurled. They have instilled a culture of resilience and commitment within their company, reflective of their military values. The duo plans to expand their offerings beyond shirts to include a full range of clothing that continues to honor their vision of quality and durability.

Supporting their fellow service members, Captain’s Mast offers a 15 percent discount to the military community with the code “Military15.” This initiative is part of their broader commitment, which includes starting a non-profit to support military and veteran communities.

As Luna and Manzano chart a course for both their naval careers and their burgeoning business, Captain’s Mast is poised to become a beacon for those who love the sea’s mystery and the steadfast heart of military tradition. The brand stands as a symbol of their journey—a journey that embraces the unpredictable winds of entrepreneurship while maintaining a steady course toward excellence and inclusivity.

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