John Echevarria re-elected and sworn-in by his daughter as City of Colton Council Member

Photo courtesy J. Echevarria: Vanessa Echevarria, 18, swearing in her Dad, John Echevarria, with an Oath of Office.

Council Member John Echevarria coordinated a tight-knit campaign, which mainly included his immediate family and his 18-year-old daughter, Vanessa Echevarria. 

Vanessa, who was one-week short of being able to vote for her dad, turned 18 right before the swearing-in installation ceremony and was able to give John Echevarria his Oath of Office at the City Council Chambers on December 12th. 

“My daughter worked hard on my campaign but couldn’t vote for me because she was still 17. So, it was special that she was the one who swore me in,” said Echavarria. 

One of the most significant changes for Echavarria (District 4) is the expansion of his district. 

“This time around, my district has grown after the findings of the 2018 census. I’m taking on an additional 5,000 residents, and I look forward to serving all of them and representing our city professionally, respectfully, and fiscally,” continued Echevarria. 

The reason behind the expansion of District 4 is due to a resolution that decided to transition the city council from six council members and a mayor to four council members and a mayor.

Echevarria says he is enthusiastic about expanding resources and services for Colton’s police and fire departments.

 “Some of my biggest plans include increasing the police and fire department’s resources to ensure the safety of residents, business owners, visitors, and the community at large. I look forward to serving the beautiful city of Colton for the next four years with tons of energy and enthusiasm,” Echevarria said. 

At his Victory Celebration, held at Juan Colorado Fine Mexican Grill on December 15th, Echevarria ensured his team, the community and his loved ones to reach out to him with any questions, concerns, or ideas via email at

The celebration attendees included Mayor Frank Navarro, Council Member Kelly Chastain, Council Member David Torro, several volunteer commissioners, and the community.  

“I want to thank my opponents, Gem Montes and Robert Wilson, for running a clean and professional campaign. Thank you to my supporters, my family, and all the constituents in my district who believed in me,” concluded Echevarria. 

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