Never Stop Grinding Impact continues to elevate the community through dental, vision screening

Photo NSG: Supervisor Joe Baca Jr. and NSG Founder and CEO Darious Harris pictured at the first dental and vision screening in Rialto, February 2021.
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In February 2021, Never Stop Grinding Impact (NSG) hosted its very first dental and vision screening, but after realizing there was still much need in Rialto and beyond, these superheroes partnered with other agencies to bring another dental and vision screening to fruition on June 12, 2021.

The free dental and vision services will consist of fillings, extractions, a complete eye exam, and free prescription eyeglasses with over a dozen frames to choose from.

“Back in February I received hundreds of applications, but was only able to service 50-60 people, so the need in our community is high. I knew we needed to get more people involved like Supervisor Joe Baca, Jr. and many others. This time we plan on having three or more dentists available which will allow us to accept more applications,” said NSG Founder & CEO Darious Harris.

Interested participants must fill out an application located at, and be prepared to answer questions such as, “Why would you benefit from these services? Do you have insurance?” Consequently, NSG staff will vet those applications; the application portal is available now.

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“I recently came across some data that said 66 million Americans don’t have dental insurance and 62 million don’t have vision insurance and these numbers alone prove why events like this are so important in our community,” continued Harris.

The dental and vision screening event is by appointment only and will be hosted at an undisclosed location; only those whose applications are accepted will be notified of the address.

Partners for the upcoming dental and vision services include Fifth District Supervisor Joe Baca, Jr., Rialto Police Department, San Bernardino County Public Health, Healing California and San Bernardino County Transitional Assistance Department.

“I’m proud to partner with Never Stop Grinding Impact, Healing California, the Rialto Police Department, the San Bernardino County Department of Human Services and Public Health to bring this free dental and vision service to the community. The services that will be provided include free dental fillings and extractions, vision exams and prescription glasses. We are happy to be able to bring these much-needed resources to the community,” said Baca Jr.

NSG anticipates serving more community members this second time around and aims to reach somewhere between 50-100 people. “I want to thank every single person that’s been supporting us in the community. Remember, when we all work together communities are impacted positively,” concluded Harris.

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