Paula Flores presents Colton Fire Chief McHargue with Bravery Blanket

Colton community activist Paula Flores, presented Colton Fire Chief Tim McHargue with a Bravery Blanket on Monday, September 9 in front of the fire bell.

Paula Flores who has served as a leader for Colton Relay for life, felt that a great way to show appreciation and recognition to our first responders and cancer survivors is by making Bravery Blankets to present to them.

This time she made 2 Bravery Blankets one for police and one for fire.

She then went on Facebook Live and asked the community to nominate one police officer and one fire fighter.

Several were nominated but the community voted overwhelmingly for Colton Fire Chief Tim McHargue, and Officer J. Hanna was voted for police.

So far Flores has made and donated about 50 blankets to the community. Each blanket cost about $50 to make and sends a gesture of love, strength and hope. Paula’s dream is to someday provide each officer and fire fighter with a blanket.

Chief McHargue responded with a smile and indicated that would be about 42 for his department.

If you would like to help Paula reach that goal. Feel free to contact her through social media.

By Paul Rasso


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