Rialto City Council approves $3 million construction contract for Fire Station 205

Courtesy photo: Rialto’s Fire Station 205 is slated to hold its grand opening in December 2020
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On September 24, Rialto City Council approved a $3,147,000 construction contract to Robert Clapper Construction Services, Inc. for the construction of Fire Station 205.

During the meeting it was stated that the construction company will have 250 days to complete the project and that it should be complete by October 2020.

“This will be your first new first station in 25-plus years. It will serve the nearly 20,000 residents that live south of the metro link tracks. Completion in October 2020 is a realistic timeline for the 250 working days, but as we know there will be rain and some other challenges, so anticipate a grand opening of the station around Christmas 2020,” shared City Administrator Rod Foster.

“On July 25 we received nine bids for phase two of the permanent fire station. Robert Clapper Construction Services Inc. was the lowest bidder at $3 million…they are the same company renovating the Frisbee Park Edition; they are located right here in Rialto,” continued Foster.

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The city council also awarded a contingency to retain its construction management from phase one of the fire station project.

“In addition to the construction contract we are requesting STK Architects for construction support and to continue the construction management from phase one…we are asking for a contingency not to exceed $160,000 on this project,” said Foster. “STK has built several of these exact fire stations and has always encountered some need of change orders, historically they have seen between three and six percent in contingency use, we are asking for five percent this evening.”

As well as approving the construction contract and contingency, a purchase order agreement was also approved…which caused some contention. 

“I see the agreement says it wants to increase the purchase order with Wallace & Associates in the Amount of $268,684 for construction management, are they in the audience tonight?” asked Scott.

Foster simply answered, “No they are not here in the audience tonight.”

“They ought to be in the audience. Well when you bring change orders to the city council I think the construction manager should be here to explain the change orders. These guys are supposed to be construction managers and if they are not…we need to get rid of them. Are they going to construction manage or just drive by once or twice? If we are awarding them money, they should be here,” concluded Scott.

Fire Station 205 will be located at 1485 S. Willow Ave. For more information, visit yourrialto.com.

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