San Bernardino 7th Ward Councilman James Mulvihill and Candidate Damon Alexander discuss issue of homelessness

Courtesy photo  Incumbent James Mulvihill (left) and Damon Alexander go head to head on November 3 elections for San Bernardino City Council 7th Ward.
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On September 29, San Bernardino’s 7th Ward Councilmember and 7th Ward candidate Damon Alexander participated in an hour-long debate, hosted virtually by League of Women Voters.

Topics ranged from crime, to the revitalization of Highland Avenue corridor, code of conduct and homelessness.

“There are currently 823 unsheltered people, and we continue to have the same number every year. My plan is called Wrap Around 360. It will bring in all the resources of the city, county, churches and non-profits. I want to bring them together and formulate a strategic plan for the city of San Bernardino; with deliverables every 6 months to measure achievement,” said Alexander.

“My vision would also add a non-profit social worker. Reports say you cannot go out and change a homeless, you have to make contact 17 times to gain their trust. So if you have a social worker, they have the ability to go out there to make contact and monitor them. You cannot arrest your way out of this issue and you cannot just throw money into this issue,” concluded Alexander.

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Homelessness has been a key focus in Mulvihill’s contributions to the city since 2013, but he said more needs to be done.

“San Bernardino hosts one-third of the county’s homeless population and we have almost half of the county’s unsheltered population. We have secured $6 million in grants and the county has secured $13 million in grants but that is not enough,” shared Mulvihill.

“I have gone to the county and discussed a formal partnership with them and other cities such as Fontana, Rialto, and Redlands…whom I’ve contacted to pull together our resources. I also assisted Father Mike Berry in the construction of Mary’s Village which provides transitional housing for men in the city of San Bernardino,” continued Mulvihill.

Alexander holds 28 years experience as a senior operation officer with the United States Department of Justice; he holds a master’s degree in public administration from National University and a Bachelor of Science degree from University of La Verne.

Mulvihill has served on San Bernardino’s city council since 2013. He is a professor emeritus at California State University, San Bernardino and he studied urban planning at Michigan State University and international economics at University of Buffalo.

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