San Bernardino’s Dorsey Clarett engages community through visual arts

Photo Albert Calderon: Artist Dorsey Clarett with one of his paintings, many of which feature a gloss finish, like this abstract seashell painting that is on display at Wom-Empire in Rialto.

With over 50 years under his belt, San Bernardino resident and distinguished artist Dorsey Clarett has kept busy creating paintings for family, friends and the public.

Recently, 10 pieces of his art were showcased and for sale at Rialto’s Wom-Empire Community Event celebrating small businesses, entrepreneurs, diversity and culture to coincide with National Hispanic Heritage Month.

“Ten of my 20×16 modern abstract paintings were on display and sold at the Wom-Empire event this past weekend. I’ve probably created over 100 paintings over the years and my family told me I can’t keep them all, so I’m starting to sell them; and now here I am engaging the community through art, which is therapeutic in a way,” said Clarett.

The event, presented by The Power of Excellence, also gave entrepreneurs like Dorsey, an opportunity to reach a new audience of neighbors.

“Small businesses are a very important part of the City of Rialto, so it’s great to have events like Wom-Empire, so small businesses can garner more exposure and engage with the community,” said Albert Calderon, City of Rialto Commissioner.

The imperative part about engaging with the community is networking and garnering contacts, like Clarett, who also creates custom artwork for people in the region and recently overseas in Kuwait.

“I also do custom work. Whenever I get a request I ask the client to give me five of their favorite colors or five colors that would match the interior decor in the room they plan on displaying the art piece. Then I get to work and I’m in my garage, which is set up as my art studio until about 2 am or 3 am,” concluded Clarett.

This relaxing and therapeutic art form, as Clarett calls it, has been benefitting his family and friends for years and now the community.

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