SB Food Fest returns to downtown San Bernardino

Photo Ricardo Tomboc:    From left: San Bernardino Second Ward Council person Sandra Ibarra, Jovi's Diner owners Jovi and Misael Rodriguez.

On Saturday, June 26th, following many months of COVID-19 shutdown, the San Bernardino Food Fest has returned to Court Street Square. 15 vendors participated in the opening with live entertainment at the Court Street Square stage.

Every Food Fest food vendor is required to be licensed by both the city and county health departments. Each food vendor is also required to pass an onsite inspection by the County Fire Department. During the event, four armed security guards roamed the vicinity maintaining a safe environment.

Several San Bernardino City dignitaries showed up for the event including Councilpersons Fred Shorett, Sandra Ibarra, Damon Alexander, Theodore Sanchez, and Ben Reynoso.

Jovi’s Diner was one of the vendors who participated in the Food Fest. They have added a Mobile Kitchen to their operations that they use for catering and special events. Restaurant owners Misael and Jovi Rodriguez said they were excited to be part of the SB Food Fest and plan to be regulars at the event.

Amanda Maldonado, VP of the SB Civic Center Neighborhood Association, said that several association members gathered last week and cleaned up the area in preparation for the Food Fest. Amanda lives in San Bernardino and is the current Branch Manager for the Downtown San Bernardino Wells Fargo Bank. Amanda worked the Neighborhood Association booth informing the public and promoting membership and its benefits.

Along with the crew from “We Are the Change,” 4 members from Cal State San Bernardino Phi Alpha Honors Society came early to help set up for the festivities!

The San Bernardino Food Fest is a monthly event that will occur every fourth Saturday from 5 to 9 p.m.