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SBCUSD Board of Education Honors Outstanding Individuals

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San Andreas Teacher Rawan Fakhoury is honored as an Outstanding Certificated Employee by the SBCUSD Board of Education and Superintendent Mauricio Arellano at the April Board meeting. (Photo by Corina Borsuk and provided courtesy of SBCUSD)

In April, the Board of Education presented the Outstanding Achievement Awards to students, parents and staff of Mt. Vernon and Muscoy Elementary SchoolsM.L. King Jr. Middle School and San Andreas High School.

The Board recognizes Outstanding Student Award winners to honor excellence in academics, athletics, fine arts, citizenship and most improvement. The Board also presents the Outstanding Parent/Grandparent/Volunteer Award and Outstanding Employee Award to individuals who embody the District’s dedication to student achievement and well-being.

Mt. Vernon Elementary School, Principal Sylvette Del Llano:

Gabriel Rios is a fourth-grader and Outstanding Student. Rios shines as a beacon of academic excellence and outstanding citizenship. Beyond consistently achieving stellar grades, Rios is also kind, helpful, and he follows the rules. Rios wants to become a surgeon.

Dalilah Reyes Chiman is a sixth-grader and Outstanding Student. Dalilah stands out for her exceptional academic achievements and citizenship. She demonstrates commitment to her studies and she earns praise for her outstanding grades. Dalilah also has a kind and helpful nature. Dalilah is working towards her goal of becoming a veterinarian.

Outstanding Parent Award winner Rubi Barrios-Vallejo is a dedicated and proud mother of two children. She plays a pivotal role in her children’s academic journey while maintaining strong involvement as a parent committed to the betterment of the Mt. Vernon Elementary community.

Attendance Verifier Viviana Enciso epitomizes excellence in her role as an attendance verifier and as an out-of-class secretary. Her exceptional work performance is characterized by her tireless work ethic and remarkable attention to detail.

Fifth-Grade Teacher Donna Kosman constantly embodies the spirit of service and leadership. Donna fosters a dynamic learning environment where students can explore their interests and develop critical skills. Her tireless efforts and commitment exemplifies her outstanding professionalism and dedication to excellence.

Muscoy Elementary School, Principal Dr. Dana Jamison:

Eduardo Sandoval Soto is a third-grader and Outstanding Student. Eduardo is hardworking and dedicated to his academics. He is kind, friendly and has a loving heart. He loves to make people smile and laugh. And Eduardo loves school so much that his career goal is to be a teacher.

Daniel Vazquez is a fourth-grader and Outstanding Student. Daniel is being honored for academic excellence and citizenship. He is a shining example of a student who has grit and constantly strives for improvement. He is kind and goes out of his way to make others feel welcome. Daniel dreams about becoming a paleontologist.

Outstanding Grandparent Award winner Leticia Murrieta has displayed unwavering dedication to the education and well-being of Muscoy students. Her grandson, Daniel, was honored as an Outstanding Student Award winner. Leticia invests many hours to support Muscoy Elementary by attending meetings and family events, and she still offers to do more.

Bilingual Office Assistant/Health Aide Karen Cordova is an Outstanding Classified Employee. She excels at providing excellent health services to students, and she engages families so students can thrive. Just this school year, Karen has set up more than 400 Hazel Health telemedicine visits so Muscoy students receive the medical care they need.

Fifth-Grade Teacher Laura Cortez Cuevas is an Outstanding Certificated Employee. As Muscoy’s English Language Facilitator, Laura has assisted in the reclassification of over 34 students as English Proficient. She has helped to increase fifth-grade academic scores by analyzing student data and planning with her team how to increase student achievement.

Muscoy Elementary School Outstanding Grandparent Award winner Leticia Murrieta and her grandson, Outstanding Student Daniel Vazquez. (Photo by Corina Borsuk and provided courtesy of SBCUSD)

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School, Principal Ernesto Calles:

Seventh-grader Christopher Martinez is an Outstanding Student. He is a true representation of King scholars, showing exceptional character inside and outside the classroom. He is the ASB president, where he serves and leads the entire King Middle School student body. Martinez wants to attend university after high school.

Brittanny Melchor is an eighth-grader and Outstanding Student. Melchor excels in academics, citizenship and art. She is respectful, responsible and helps to provide a safe learning environment, all while maintaining a 4.0 GPA, which earned her recognition at the King Middle School academic award celebration in February. Melchor is focused on her goal of attending university after graduation.

Lydia Urrutia is an Outstanding Parent. She has been a positive partner with King Middle School. School staff appreciate Urrutia’s communication with administration and parents via the School Site Council, and she can always be depended upon to provide input to support the success of King scholars.

Custodian I Sam Arenivar is an Outstanding Classified Employee. Arenivar consistently demonstrates pride in his work. His enthusiasm and passion for upholding King’s values and fostering a positive learning environment serve as an inspiration to those around him.

History and Social Science Teacher Robert Almanza is an Outstanding Certificated Employee. Every Monday, he prepares and produces student-created videos to support the open communication and information that is vital to students and staff. Almanza’s leadership, including serving as department chair, exemplifies his commitment to students and staff.

San Andreas High School (SAHS), Principal Dorie Stratton:

Alaysha Nash is a senior and an Outstanding Student. Nash is involved in everything from the Student Leadership Advisory Council to dual enrollment in college and several extracurricular activities. She always has a smile on her face and is happy to help as needed. Nash plans to be a social worker because she loves helping people.

Senior David Renteria is an Outstanding Student. He is an outstanding scholar who excels in academics and citizenship and is a standout student in the Health Pathway Program. Renteria is a quiet leader, always ready to lend a helping hand, and actively engaged in extracurricular activities and leadership roles. He will be attending a certified nursing assistant program in June and hopes to become a Physical Therapist in the future.

Amber Ploehn is an Outstanding Parent, with two children attending Cajon High and one at San Andreas. Ploehn is active in the School Site Council and serves as the school’s District Advisory Council representative. She is always ready to help as needed, even bringing in lunch treats.

Bilingual Attendance Technician Cristina Topete Velazquez is an Outstanding Classified Employee. She is a very resourceful problem solver. Velazquez helps ensure that students are in class daily and connects families to important resources in the community. She has been an integral part of the San Andreas attendance team, helping to launch the Attendance Campaign.

San Andreas Teacher Rawan Fakhoury is an Outstanding Certificated Employee. Fakhoury’s tireless efforts have resulted in a rich and positive school culture where inclusivity and respect are paramount. She has transformed countless lives and empowered students to reach their full potential.


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