July 19, 2024


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Dino Martinez Defends Title at Colton’s Second Annual Horseshoe Tournament

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L to R; Elaine Chavez, Bob Salazar, Paul Padilla, Dino Martinez, Christopher Gomez, Dr. G, Council Member and Community Advocate; Javier Gomez (back), Norma Gallardo, Nick Zupkofska, and Brandon Morales.

Last week, veteran residents of South Colton joined newcomers at Veteran’s Park for the Second Annual Colton CITY TALK Horseshoe Tournament. The event saw nine participants, many accompanied by enthusiastic family supporters.

The morning was picturesque, with the Colton horseshoe pits meticulously groomed and painted for the occasion. Prior to the tournament’s start, players’ names were randomly drawn to determine the match-ups. Dino Martinez, last year’s champion, was among the participants, ready to defend his title.

The players were organized into eight bracket slots, progressing through three rounds to reach the final showdown. After an intense competition featuring one ringer and two leaners, Dino Martinez triumphed over Nick Zupkofska, securing the championship for the second consecutive year. Martinez’s victory earned him a dinner at Le Rendezvous Restaurant.

The tournament featured Elaine Chavez, Norma Gallardo, Christopher Gomez, Javier Gomez, Dino Martinez, Brandon Morales, Paul Padilla, Bob Salazar, and Nick Zupkofska. Elaine Chavez, a second-year participant, expressed her enthusiasm, stating, “This was a great event, and the players really had a fun time playing horseshoes.” The event’s growing popularity has spurred plans to continue this emerging tradition next year, with several onlookers expressing interest in participating.

Adrian Chavez, who attended to support his wife Elaine, remarked on the event’s success, “It was good to utilize the horseshoe pits that are available to residents at the park.” The land for Veteran’s Park, established in 1966, was donated by the California Portland Cement Company and dedicated to the community in honor of its service members, particularly those who served in the World Wars. The tournament showcased the excellent facilities of Veteran’s Park, highlighting its value to the community.

For more information about CITY TALK and various community activities, including history briefs, the trash clean-up project, the G-Team, and local events, contact Dr. G at 909-213-3730. Questions and comments are always welcome.


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