The Finley Diaries: Children’s book teaches lesson that everyone should be loved

Former Rams cheerleader, actress and now author Justene Alpert penned a heartwarming story about an adopted shelter dog, Finley, partly based on her own experience with the real Finley.
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A few days ago I did something that I haven’t done in many years – I read a children’s book. Specifically, the Finley Diaries: Adopted by Justene Alpert. Alpert is a former Rams cheerleader, an actress, and now, of course, an author. She sent the book to us so we could read it, enjoy it, and review it. Because who doesn’t like a feel-good children’s book?

The Finley Diaries is about a dog named, as the title suggests, Finley. Finley is in a pound and dreams every day of finding a forever home with treats and blankets galore. But, he notices he does not have some traits other dogs who get adopted have. He isn’t a big dog, but he’s not an adorable small puppy either. He also doesn’t have smooth fur, it’s rather scruffy. These things lead Finley to believe that he won’t ever be adopted.

However, that changes when Tara (who is actually Justene in the real world, because this is partly based on a true story) shows up to the pound. She comes to Finley’s cage and feels a connection with him. She decides to adopt Finley. She then gets Finley some toys, food, and everything Finley had dreamed of in the pound. But Finley realizes there’s one thing he appreciates most that he never dreamed of, and that is an owner that loves him like Tara. The story ends with an adorable cartoon drawing of Tara and Finley together snuggling on a bed with a “To Be Continued…” hint on the final page (part 2 coming soon?).

So, overall, The Finley Diaries: Adopted will teach young kids that no matter how you look you deserve to be loved and appreciated and that you can live through great things you never even thought to imagine. Reading this little story was so much fun and I hope to indeed see a part 2 very soon.

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I give The Finley Diaries: Adopted 5 out of 5 dog bones!

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