Final Certified 2020 Election Results

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Senate District 31: Pete Aguilar

Senate District 23: Rosilicie Ochoa Bogh

Assembly Dist. 40: James C. Ramos

Assembly Dist. 47: Eloise Gómez Reyes

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County of San Bernardino Board of Education Area C: Laura A. Mancha

County of San Bernardino Board of Education Area E: Andrea de Leon

CJUSD Board of Education: Patt Haro, Frank Ibarra

RUSD Board of Education: Nancy G. O’Kelley, Joe Martinez, Stephanie Lewis

SBCUSD Board of Education: Gwen Rodgers, Dr. Margaret Hill, Scott Wyatt, Mayra Ceballos

SB County Supervisor District 5: Joe Baca Jr.

Colton City Clerk: Carolina Padilla

Colton Treasurer: Aurelio de la Torre

Colton City Council: Ken Koperski, John Echevarria, Isaac Suchil

Rialto Mayor: Deborah Robertson

Rialto City Clerk: Barbara McGee

Rialto Treasurer: Edward Carrillo

Rialto City Council: Rafael Trujillo, Andy Carrizales

San Bernardino City Council Ward 5: Ben Reynoso

San Bernardino City Council Ward 7: Damon Alexander

SB Municipal Water District: June Hayes, Gil Botello

County of San Bernardino Measure J: Yes

County of San Bernardino Measure K: Yes

City of San Bernardino Measure S: Yes

State Ballot Measures

  • 14 Bonds to Continue Stem Cell Research Yes
  • 15 Property Tax to Fund Schools, Government Services No
  • 16 Affirmative Action in Government Decisions No
  • 17 Restores Right to Vote After Prison Term Yes
  • 18 17-year-old Primary Voting Rights No
  • 19 Changes Certain Property Tax Rules Yes
  • 20 Parole Restrictions for Certain Offenses No
  • 21 Expands Governments’ Authority to Rent Control No
  • 22 App-Based Drivers and Employee Benefits Yes
  • 23 State Requirements for Kidney Dialysis Clinics No
  • 24 Amends Consumer Privacy Laws Yes
  • 25 Eliminates Money Bail System No

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