May 27, 2024


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With Love Lashes is empowering women’s confidence in Rialto and beyond

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Photos Carmen Rose: Business owner and Rialto resident Carmen Rose wearing Roses, an eyelash described as fluffy and elegant.

Rialto native and small business owner Carmen Rose has been busy helping women elevate their confidence and beauty through With Love Lashes.

While the business was only established in 2021, friends, family, and hundreds within the Inland community have flooded Rose’s inbox with orders from her 11-piece eyelash collection.

“During the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic people around the world were identifying their niche and side hustles; I was awake until 3 a.m. one night and knew I wanted to create my line of eyelashes,” said Rose.

All items at With Love Lashes are under $10, and every package is personalized to each customer.

She says that within a matter of a week, she had eyelashes designed, a logo created, packaging, and social media accounts created.

“Before launching I immediately recruited a handful of friends to give me their feedback on the lashes to determine if they were too thick, too fluffy, or big… so that helped me understand the perspective of an eyelash consumer and better prepare myself for the future,” continued Rose.

“It’s kind of funny because years ago I was terrified to put on eyelashes. In high school, I bought my first pair after being inspired by my friend Bri and I struggled to put them on; which kept me from buying another pair until a year later. So today it’s an empowering feeling to have my line of eyelashes,” Rose said.

One of the recurring sentiments about the line of lashes is its detailed packaging, tailored to each customer.

“I’ve received a lot of compliments on the packaging — which comes with eyelashes, a free wand, decorative sticker, a thank you card personalized with the customer’s name, and an eyelash lash box with logo,” said Rose.

She said that her favorite pair of lashes changes every day and is usually attributed to her mood and outfit.

“My favorite lash is our newest one called Roses which is very fluffy, but earlier on my favorite lash was Baby Love, it’s a fan favorite and named after my dog. It’s more natural, simple, and elegant,” Rose said.

Soon, she plans on expanding to lip glosses and eyeshadows but has just successfully launched her two-in-one beauty blenders and eyeliner glue.

“My lashes do add that extra pizzazz on top of any outfit you wear, completely transforming your look. From lashes with a more natural look to those more dramatic, and an everyday look… I have a lash for every occasion,” concluded Rose.

For inquiries, email Follow With Love Lashes on Instagram @withlovelashes_cr.


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