The Life of Doc and Longevity

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On September 27, I will celebrate my 89th Birthday, the good Lord willing. David predicted in the Psalms that our allotted years are 3 score and 10, (70.) I think he wrote that after a bad night with Bathsheba. But in Genesis 6:3 it states that our allotted years are 120. Stella and I are trying to get as close to that as we possibly can.

My opinion is that longevity is based on one or more activities. However, my concern is not only prolongation of life but also the quality of life. Mine, for sure.

On my birthday we will begin it with a free five course, free breakfast at Denny’s restaurant. Stella will then drive me to the local YMCA where I will exercise for an hour.

Eight years ago I lost use of my legs because of a statin medicine. I have neuropathy and am confined to the use of a walker. We then will go to Walmart where I will sit at McDonald’s and read, write and talk. Maybe snooze.

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About 11:30 A.M. we will go to my choice of a birthday lunch. This year I prefer the Star Buffett in The Citrus Plaza. Possibly with one or two friends besides Stella, my Daily Delight.

I say this because I believe that quality of life includes; good food, exercise and fellowship with friends. They are essential ingredients for happiness.

Humor is another essential. To laugh. In the Book of Psalms, the author says, “Our mouths were filled with laughter.” (126:2)

Babies laugh; giggle at least 20 times an hour. I recommend for adults a hearty laugh twenty times a day. I’ve even written a book, Words That Make You Laugh, with 450 clean, good jokes. It’s on sale at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. My motto is, “Laugh a little and live longer.”

A good follow up to these is being busy. Someone has said, “An idle mind is the devil’s workshop.” I would add, “The more we do, the longer we live.” Activities add spice to living.

Not only do I have neuropathy, I also am a diabetic one and need an insulin shot every morning. Also I have glaucoma and can read with only my left eye. Otherwise, I’m in relatively good health. I have ten doctors on my “I like” list. I tell them I want to see them often to verify that I’m still breathing.

Back to my activities. I’m a veracious reader and will have at least five books that I’m reading, always including a novel. My favorite novelists are David Baldacci, Robyn Carr and Harlan Coben.

I also do magic, along with Steve Martin, Muhammad Ali, Tony Curtis, Moses, Aaron, Johnny Carson and hundreds of others-dead and alive. I forgot to mention David Copperfield and Lance Burton.

I have two gigs in October. I do Sit Down Magic and Comedy. Why the title? I’m confined to using a walker.

I’ve been on 139 cruises and have visited 84 countries. I believe firmly in what the Bible says or should say; “Don’t let grass grow under your feet.”

Every week I send out about 500 e-mails of my articles that every week are printed in several local newspapers. I agree with Michelangelo who said, “I am only well when I have a pen in my hand.’ Or was it a “chisel?”

My next recipe for longevity is about having things to look forward to do or to go or to be.

The Bible stresses “Where there is no vision the people perish.” (Proverbs 29:18) Planning ahead stimulates the brain and creates anticipation. Elsa Maxwell, the hostess with the mostest in the 1940’s and 50’s, was the creative hostess for the social life of Washington D.C. Her classic statement is apropos for this topic. “I wake up every morning and wonder what new thing I will see today, and what new person will I meet today.” The truth of expectation.

My major thought that forestalls looking ahead is procrastination. Putting off until tomorrow what can be done today.

Stella and I already, have our plans for a cruise the last of November. Another one in May 2017. We establish deadlines for our routine activities. Even where we will attend church next Sunday. We also anticipate the times when our family will meet. The Sunday before Thanksgiving; the Sunday before Christmas and the day before Mother’s Day. All these plans contribute to longevity.

Perhaps the most important item is our belief systems. We treasure our faith; in our family; in our country; and above all, in our God. Each Sunday we attend the early Mass at St. Adelaide Catholic Church. We leave there and attend Church at either a Methodist, a Congregational or Presbyterian Church.

We would be considered liberal Christians, but we pray together each morning and believe in the truth within the Bible.

Be life short or long, we trust in the will of God. And add to that our initiative to get as close to Genesis 6:3 (120 years) as possible.

Amen. Selah. So be it.

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