Neighborhood Resource Center, Matching Grants Fund Program and Leadership Program approved

IECN photo SB City: The program anticipates that with its resources, it will build connectedness and engagement between residents and the local government.
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On April 3rd, in a unanimous vote, San Bernardino City Council passed the proposed Neighborhood Resource Center, Matching Grant Program and Leadership Program.

“The Neighborhood Services Program is a joint project of the Neighborhood Association Council of San Bernardino and the City of San Bernardino. The program provides resources and opportunities for residents to build strong communities and improve the quality of life in their neighborhoods,” said Tanya Romo, neighborhood and customer service operations manager.

The program anticipates that with its resources, it will build connectedness and engagement between residents and the local government.

“Building strong communities promotes public safety and reduces crime. When residents feel good about where they live, they take pride in their city,” continued Romo.

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The program is broken into four categories: the Neighborhood Leadership Program; the ‘Small Sparks’ Neighborhood Matching Fund Program; the Neighborhood Services Program Advisory and the Neighborhood Services Program Advisory.

According to the council agenda, the neighborhood resource center will assist neighborhood associations and community organizations to increase their effectiveness in addressing concerns and improving their neighborhoods.

The Neighborhood Leadership Program will provide civic leadership development, free to community members who live within the city.

The ‘Small Sparks’ Neighborhood Matching Fund Program will support local grassroots community projects in San Bernardino city neighborhoods.

Lastly, the Neighborhood Services Program Advisory will establish a neighborhood advisory group comprised of neighborhood association members and city staff to provide ongoing support and advice to the program, assist in the development of program services, and identify best practices standards in neighborhood outreach and community engagement.

“I’m excited to see this come to our city. I have seen firsthand the good work this neighborhood council does and by bypassing this, we’re going to be able to offer the neighborhood council the resources they need to continue to do the good work they’ve been doing, while already on a budget. So I am going to vote for this,” said Councilmember Theodore Sanchez.

“This is what collaboration can do for our city. I fully support this program and I second the motion,” said Councilmember Sandra Ibarra.

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